How to use Eyeshadow as Eyeliner on the Waterline

This is one of the questions that not only all the noobs but professionals have as well. Makeup is not a choice anymore and everyone wants to look as pretty as possible. While there are also some surgical procedures available, people still mostly tend to use traditional ways.

Eyes are one of the most important features that need to look good. Makeup is now not only about looking pretty, but it also means that one is well prepared for something. Your makeup tells a lot about you and the society is moving to use makeup on a daily routine nowadays.

If you want to look good every day, you don’t only have to make your skin glow and your lips look good, but you have to take some special care of your eyes. Applying some makeup on your skin is compulsory and without the eyeliners, no look is ever complete.

Whether you are aiming for something regular and casual or you want to go for something bold, you need to apply the eyeliners. But, not only the upper lash liner but the lower lash liner is just as much important.

Applying on the Waterline

Applying on the waterline is quite tricky. While in the upper lash liner, we want everything to be on point, we prefer a smudged look on the lower lash liner. In order to apply the liner correctly, you need to first give it some small strokes followed by the smudges.

It can be sometimes hard to do this with a pencil. It is very easy to apply a line on the waterline of the eyeliner but smudging it can give you a tough time. Even though so many different companies do say that the eyeliners produced by them are for the upper lash line and the lower lash line but, they can most certainly not be used for both.

If you are trying to use the pen liners for the upper lashes, they are most probably very hard to apply on the waterline. Along with that, it is too dark or gives off a too-perfect look in the end. This is why a lot of people tend to use the eye shadow for the lower lash line.

It is not so hard to do that, you can just apply some small amount of it, on the waterline and start smudging it. It can be easily done by a simple brush, buds or with your fingers even. While many people use brushes, buds can be pretty helpful too. But if you are going to use the eyeshadow to apply the lower lash liners, don’t use your fingers too much. You can opt for this technique while you are using the normal pen liners or something as such as it is more helpful.

Why aren’t they so famous

While eyeshadow eyeliners are very easy to use, there are still not very famous among people. There are certain different reasons behind that and many different rumors as well. When it comes to digital marketing, people are always promoting the stuff that is more pricey or that is more beneficial to them instead of the people who are actually going to use it all.

The eyeshadow eyeliners are not very famous among the people since they are not used in abandon by the make up artists and due to different hoax.

Eyeshadow is not healthy for the waterline

This is one of the most famous hoaxes when it comes to makeup. Many people believe this since it is full of chemicals and they don’t want to take a risk. While there are many products that might be harmful to your waterline or to your eyes, eyeshadow is just not one of them. Using this product on your waterline can actually benefit you in different ways.

They are very easy to remove unlike the other makeup that is applied on the waterline and it does not take much effort to apply either. While there are many people confused about whether it is healthy or not, it can be made very clear to everyone very simply that it is not bad for the eyes.

All of the products to contain chemicals in them but they can still be used for the eyes. You just have to see if it starts to irritate when you apply it. If it does not irritate you, then you are perfectly fine to proceed and use it for as much as you want.

Many people even use this product on an everyday basis while others can’t use it due to their allergies problems. There can be products in the eye shadows that can give the irritation but there is definitely nothing that will trouble your eyes specifically.

The eyeshadows cannot give you the look required

There are a lot of people who instead of practicing on their own, just listen to a rumor and start believing it. This is just one of those rumors that are famous for the eyeshadows being used on the waterline.

Since the waterline is always greased up and is watery, there are very few chances that any kind of makeup will stay on for a long time. This does not mean that you won’t use any kind of makeup there. In the market, you even have access to the waterproof eyeshadows which can be used under the eyes. These eyeshadows will not only highlight your eyes from the upper but the lower side as well.

You can easily achieve any look that you want by being still In your budget. There are many different companies that are producing this makeup in the excellent quality and low prices that you can look forward to.