Should you Buy a Shapewear One Size Smaller?

Anything we are wearing affects our personality in the first place. It is essential to decide carefully what you are going to wear. Normally, short length dresses and differently patterned dresses are an attraction for the people. Such dresses have a margin to transform the personality with a huge margin. However, when it comes to shapewear, things are quite different.

You will wear the shaper to make yourself look slimmer, smart, and attractive. All it does is press the muscles, fats, and all other bulges on the body and form a plain shape. If you consider buying a smaller size of shapewear then you are wrong. The smaller size of the shaper will not do any magic with your body but hooking up the shaper will be difficult for you in the first place. Buying the smaller size shaper is not a smart move in any manner.

Reasons not to buy a smaller size shapewear

All the experts from around the globe stress buying the right size shapewear. Taking up a smaller size of the shaper can cause numerous problems that eventually make you regret the decision in the first place. Here are some reasons to mention why you should not pick up a smaller size of the shapewear.

1. Won’t fit in

The shaper in the original has some defined dimension and size. There is no margin in the shaper and the size chart has all the maximum inches of the shaper. If shapewear shows you the belly size of 26 then it is the maximum stretch of the shaper. When you try to fit the shaper on a belly of 28 or above it will not fit in properly. Hooking up the shaper will be a difficult task and if you can hook it successfully, even then it will cause discomfort.

2. Causes trouble

Wearing tight shapewear will result in you facing some serious issues such as difficulty breathing, treating, restricted movement, and much more. Moreover, it will not help you to get fit in a dress smaller than your size. It is essential to remember that a shaper can help your body to feel smooth. It does not exactly shrink the body to another level.

3. Damages skin

The expert never allows you to wear a smaller size of the shaper. It not only uncomfortable but also damaging at the same time. Wearing a smaller size will damage your skin. It causes muscle folds, blood blockage, tissue damage, soreness, and even infections at times.

Understanding the purpose of a shapewear

Many of the women do not get the exact meaning of what shapewear is all about. When advertisements show that, a body shaper can transform your body. Many people think it can cause a reduction of approximately multiple inches in the body. In reality, it is not happening at all. We have seen women buying the wrong sizes probably smaller sizes of the shapewear because they are not understanding the right purpose of the shaper. Here is what you need to know about the shaper in the first place.

1. Designed just for support

People struggling with body transformations have to deal with many issues. Their body is not in perfect shape to look with fancy dresses and attend ceremonies. However, they should not take a back step in all these cases. Shapewear is one product that is supportive of all the people who want to look good despite everything. Therefore, it gives them enough support and makes their body look attractive with a little margin on its own. Other than a little support, the shaper has nothing to do with bodyweight or fats.

2. Covers up the bulges

The purpose of shapewear design is to firm the bulges of the body to a major extent. People who had surgeries, or lose weight but there are stretch muscles on the body, a bit of fat pack, and a lymph tummy that makes it feel bad at parties and turns out to be so prominent. Shaper is ideal for all such people having these issues in life. It does nothing but smoothen the body to an ideal figure and let a silk or satin dress or be in a perfect shape. In other words, it is a cover-up one can use at times.

3. Nothing to do with reducing your waist

The shapewear will not help you to reduce the waist measurement at all. It can help you to cover up the fluff up fats or muscles on your waist. However, this never works for the actual decrease in the waist numbers. You will be able to wear the exact size of jeans or dress with ease. It will not allow you to wear a different size dress at all. Expecting a huge change in the size is all your fantasy and that is not possible.

4. Cannot make you slimmer forever

Another myth that women have about slim wear is permanent results. When you enclose the muscles in a specific shell for a long time and then letting it out, the muscle will do its best to be in the rigid position. It has nothing to do with the shapewear. The innerwear is not doing any magic for you in the longer run. Do not wear the shapewear for quite a time and you can feel the muscles at their relaxed position. Making lifestyle changes is the right way to achieve the desired body and weight.

5. Do not shrink the bones

The shapewear only works for the muscles and fats. The soft muscles that are bulgy get into a firm place and make the nice curves. It cannot compress the size of bones or affect them. If you have a giant structure, then you cannot do anything with it. The best way is to admit it and feel comfortable with what you have got for yourself.

Tips on buying the right size shapewear

Once you have the idea about the real trick of shapewear, it is the time you need to find the right and accurate size of the shaper. Picking up a smaller or larger size will not do any good for you. Here are some tips that can help you with the selection of the right size. It is not much difficult to get started with it and avoid unnecessary myths for sure. With a clear mind and some support, you can get the right size that fits your needs.

1. Get body measurements

The first thing you should do is to measure your body properly. You should know what kind of shaper you are going to buy for the upper body, lower body, or torso. Take the body measurement. Remember, there needs to be the exact body measurement. You should not leave any point to lose or too tight as well. The shapewear is like wearing another skin on your skin so make sure it fits your skin perfectly and doesn’t roll up and down.

2. Check out size charts

Every slimming bodywear company has a size chart. No matter whatever the company or outlet you chose to buy shapewear. The first thing you need to ask for is their size chart. Now read out the size chart carefully and compare your measurements with the chart measurement. Now, you need to pick up the right option of size following the chart details. It is essential to be critical of the details. You can even ask for a live demonstration of the measurement.

Remember, every single outlet and company has different sizes under the tags. You should not ask for the large, small, or medium size randomly. Check the size chart details every time before buying the shaper. It will ensure you have the right size with you.

3. Taking a trial is always better

The practice of taking trials for garments is common. You should keep the practice with the innerwear as well. Ask the staff to lead your way towards the trial room and check out the perfect fit of the shapewear before making it a final deal. It is the decisive moment when you will be able to identify whether it is the right pick or not. Eventually, you can end up with the right size that will not bug you. Shapewear that you will select following the right procedure will help you to look good and never invade your comfort zone during a party or event.

The bottom line

Wearing a smaller size shaper is deadly dangerous for the body. At first, it is a waste of money because you cannot get fit into it. In case, you pull yourself to be in that shaper, it will not last for long. You will experience such outcomes that are unimaginable for sure. Buying the appropriate size of the shaper is the best resolution at this time. To avoid inconvenience you should understand and accept the purpose of a shaper and use it just the way it supposed to be used.