How to wear Mascara with Lash Extensions?

Making lashes look long and appealing is something that everyone wants. Out of numerous options to make these look better, getting a lash extension is an appealing one. It helps you to have all-time sorted lashes for the events and routine. However, much time, after getting the lash extension, you want to know whether it is favorable to use mascara on them or not. There is no doubt that we cannot eliminate the mascara from our makeup. It makes our eyes look complete, full, and balanced as well.

However, the concern of using the mascara on the lashes is another complication. Remember, the lash extension itself helps you get the best of lash presentation. Technically, you do not have to apply the mascara on lashes. In case you are doing so, then you need to check out the basic instruction for that.

Guidelines to Apply Mascara on Lash Extensions

In the first place, you do not have to use mascara on lash extensions. These are thick and have a natural volume that makes them exceptionally suitable. Even if you want to use it, make sure to follow these guidelines for sure. It helps you with the application, removal, and maintenance of extensions. Remember, if you are not taking care of these lash extensions, you may floss these extensions soon and require having another session.

1. Selecting the Mascara to use

The very first thing you need to use is the selection of mascara. On the lash extension, you cannot use any random mascara at all. It is essential to use a specific kind of mascara. The technique of attaching the lash extension to your original lash line is the use of glue. The adhesive can click up the lashes and extension closely.

Using the oil-based mascara on the lash extension can damage the adhesive on the extension and cause it to lose the grip. Eventually, you will have an early shedding of the lash extension. On the other hand, using waterproof mascara is prohibited with lash extensions. The mascara is dry and too rigid with the lashes. Eventually, it dries out the lash and hard to remove. The use of waterproof mascara can cause you to remove it by rubbing and eventually it can shed your real lashes with a fake one.

The most favorable mascara type to use with lash extensions is the water-resistant and oil-free mascara. It is soft and nice to apply at the same time. Moreover, you do not have to put much effort into cleaning it from the lashes. Remember, your mascara selection is essential to have a comfortable and best mascara application experience.

2. Application Steps

Once you have the mascara with you, now it is time for an accurate application. You never want to make your lashes look too odd or hairy at the same time. It is a considerable fact that lash extension has made your eyes bolder already. That means you do not need to apply multiple coats of mascara on them.

One or two strokes of mascara brush are enough to give a nice balance to the lashes. Make sure to have the one perfect stroke that will give you the best outcomes. If you need to repeat the step, then apply the other coat before it first got dry.

After application gives the mascara enough time to settle and then you can blink the eyes. The mascara application can make the eye heavy at times so you should wait until it is dry completely. Eventually, you can have the best eyes ever.

Another important factor to consider is the application area. If you feel that your lashes do not need too much mascara then apply it on the ends only. Do not start the application from the root where the extensions have adhesives. You can highlight the open ends of the lashes and extension as well. It helps you with a better feather look and easy cleanup later.

3. Removing the Mascara

Here comes the most challenging and critical task of all time. Cleaning up the mascara from you, lash extension is one of the hectic jobs sometimes. You do not want to get rid of those expensive extensions in one cleanup. Therefore, here come all care and safety guidelines.

  • Do not use the mascara cleaner that is too reactive and has high-end chemicals. It is even better to ditch the conventional mascara cleaner as it has agents that can remove the adhesives of the lashes.
  • You can use some of the natural cleaning options that include rose water, water, or any other conditioner. These can help with cleaning and avoid intensive damage to your lash extension.
  • Never apply the cleaning agent, whether the natural or chemical one directly on your lash extensions from the roots. Make sure to clean up the mascara using a makeup-cleaning pad from the ends first.
  • You can always use any spare mascara brush dip it in the water, mascara cleaner, and give a little shake to shed off excessive cleaner from the brush.
  • Now stroke it in the lashes about two times and then wipe softly with the makeup wipe.
  • Cleaning up mascara from the lash extensions is more like a mission for you at times. You need to be careful with all the actions to reach the final destination.

What you need to know before having a Lash Extension?

Getting the lash extension is not always about the good things in tales. Sometimes it is more about the problems and challenges you may have to face. Never fell into a trap that does not have any way out. Before you invest in the lash extensions, it is essential to come up with the background and some information. There are some dos and don’ts of having these luxury extensions. Here was got your back to help you in knowing about these things.

1. Care instruction

The very first thing that comes on board is the care instructions. Getting the extensions for your lashes may not be a difficult thing. However, their care is the real thing that bothers you most of the time. You cannot take the existence of these lashes for granted.

The extensions require you to pamper them more than your real lashes. At times, it can be difficult but whenever you look at the beautiful heavy curly lashes, you will forget everything instantly. Here are some instructions you need to follow:

  • No rubbing – rubbing your eyes can be satisfactory for many people. However, with the lash extensions, you are not allowed to rub off the lashes at all. Rubbing them can cause you to lose the extensions.
  • No frequent washing – if we say that after getting the lash extensions you cannot wash face frequently then it is true. On a lighter note, it is not about the whole face but the eye area. You can clean up the whole face multiple times a day, but do not wash the eye and lashes frequently. It can reduce the life of your lash extension in its place.
  • Using the oils – lash oils are one of the popular lash care product that keeps your lashes soft, long, growing, and attractive. With the lash extension, you cannot use the oils at all. The lid can reduce the adhesiveness of the lashes and make them fall.

2. Use of Products

Along with the care, you need to be restrictive with the use of products. Frequent makeup and cleaning can affect the lash extensions a lot. Eventually, you have to use the lighter makeup removers or wipes that will not affect the extensions much. Moreover, you cannot use the overall facemasks and massage that involves rubbing the eyes or covering them.

Mascara or Lash Extension – Which one is Better?

Most of the time restrictions on using mascara with the lash lift or extensions come up with questions about the efficiency of both options. Experts suggest that lash extension can be an amazing alternative for you when you are not a mascara person. Having allergies or feeling uncomfortable with frequent application, then it is the right choice. In case, you are in love with mascara, then using the lash extensions will not be an efficient choice. You should then pick up the mascara only to give your lashes volume and a thick look for sure.

Final Thoughts

Deciding on applying mascara on lash extensions can be difficult. It is all about your personal preference for applying the mascara or not. Whenever you need the application, the best way is to keep the mascara at the open ends. Saving the roots from the mascara application can help you with a quick cleaning. It not only makes your eyes look appealing but increases the life of lashes. Most of the time when you get the extension in the first place, for a certain time you do not need to apply mascara on it. At this time, lashes are already in fine shape. After some time, when you feel the lashes are dull, then it is fine to take a little lift using mascara.