How to Wear Eyeshadow with Lash Extensions?

Getting lash extensions does not restrict you from eye makeup and using eyeshadow. It is in fact about making the eyes more appealing and perfect for a look. You get a chance to stand out at events and in your routine parties as well. There is no issue in using the eyeshadow after having lash extensions. However, there are certain procedures that you need to follow.

Getting a lash extension is one of the quick options to make your lashes look longer and appealing. However, there are some care instructions you need to follow along with liberty. Ignoring these care options will fall you in trouble with the extensions. It is essential to learn out what can be the possible care options with using eyeshadow on your lash extensions.

How to Apply?

If you think that applying eyeshadow with lash extension is a tough job, then you should check out the procedure. There is no doubt that you have to take good care of the application and removal. However, it is not a difficult or tricky job at all. All you need is to line up all the appropriate things with you and then get started with it.

Check out whether you have the powder eyeshadows and a base that is not waterproof and gives you nice coverage. Once there is everything with you now get started:

  • Prepare the based one you face. It is okay to use the waterproof base on your whole face other than your eyes. Use the light and soft base that is water-resistant but not too tough on the eyes.
  • Take your pallet and use the nude and matte shade to prepare the refined base of the eye before applying the eyeshadow.
  • Make sure it is clean enough to help you with further application.
  • Now pick up your eyeshadow brush and start applying the shades in the tone according to your combination. It is fine that the brush can touch the lash extensions or some of the powder to drop on them.
  • Later you can apply the powder-based liner and water-resistant mascara on the lashes for the final finish.
  • In the end, you can clean up the dropped powder easily using a brush and you are all set to go for the event.

1. Selecting the Powder-Based Eyeshadow

Once you are using a product and then moving towards the other one can cause you several challenges. There is no doubt that we have gone advance with waterproof makeup products and it is hard to come up with the powder base and soft products. However, these soft products do have their attractions and benefits as well.

Selecting the powder eyeshadow is not a difficult job at all. There are certain things that you need to know before picking up the best of all products. Just make sure you are going to make a good inspection of the products and end up with the right products in the hand as well.

2. Check out the Formation

The very first thing you need to review is the formation of the eyeshadow. At the back of every pallet or in the description, you will be able to find out the formation and composition of the eyeshadow. It is simple to understand whether it has glycerin or oil, if yes then what the overall ratio in the formula is. Too much oil or glycerin can cause the eyeshadow from powder texture to a gel-like result. Therefore, you need to pick up the right composition of the eyeshadow.

3. High Pigmentation

The next big thing is pigmentation. We understand the tube and liquid eyeshadows do have better pigmentation. However, the quality of powder-based eyeshadows is good enough to give you the ultimate pigment. Take the pigmentation test by applying the eyeshadow to the back of your hand. One stroke will help you in knowing whether it is good enough or not.

4. Not a Rough Powder at all

The next thing is the powder form. Even powder-based eyeshadows need to have good moisture in them. The first thing is refined powder and the second thing is a little moisture. The moisture helps the powder to sit on the skin and give the best pigment as well. If there is no moisture, the powder will keep shedding off and you do not want to have the eyeshadow all over your face.

So, patch the brush on the eyeshadow pallet and check if it is rubbing off in granules or what is setting up the condition on the skin. It will help you end up with a quality eyeshadow pallet.

5. Real Pigment Color

The pallet color should be similar to the application color for sure. It is the real pigment color that you need to check. Apply one color from the pallet and observe whether it is showing a similar pigment or not. The quality eyeshadow will give you a similar pigment on the application as well.

Some Care Instructions for Lash Extensions

The beauty clinic expert will apply the lash extensions to your original lashes and the root line of the lashes with the help of adhesives. It is not possible to clip or inject the strands of lashes into the skin. These are not the transplant but an add-on to your existing structure. As long as the adhesive glue is intact, you will enjoy the long and perfectly tones lashes.

Now, it is all about taking care of these lashes to ensure a longer life. The services provider will give you a certain limit of the extension life. The extensions will not restrict you from having the eye makeup, but you need to make a few changes in the makeup products along with their application.

1. Avoid Oil-Based Products

Using oil-based or liquid eyeshadow is one of the accessible and comparatively easier options for you. It is highly pigmented and gives long time coverage for sure. The experts use these options frequently to give a long time intact makeup look. However, with lash extensions, using liquid-based products that contain oil and glycerin is not a good idea.

Such products are hard to remove and you need to wash the area or use makeup cleaner in that specific area for cleanup. Moreover, the oil and moisture in these products can damage the extension adhesive glue and rub it off as well. While cleaning up the makeup, you will end up removing the glue from extensions as well.

2. Pick up Powder Eyeshadow

To use the eyeshadow with the lash extensions you need to pick up the powered-based high-pigmented eyeshadows. These are the safest option to use with the lashes. You can get the best coverage, makeup, and color using these powder-based products. No presence of oil makes it safe for the lash glue. On the other hand, you can simply wipe it off without any rubbing or using the makeup cleaner.

3. Change your Mascara and Liner

While completing your makeup look, mascara and liner is one of the important factors. It is fine to apply these two on your lash extensions but with certain care instructions. You cannot use the oil-based or waterproof options in mascara and liner as well. The waterproof products turn hard and make the lashes got too rough at times. Moreover, these are hard to remove as well. Changing over these options with other soft and regular options is a better idea to get a nicer look and keep the lash extensions secure.

4. Avoid Makeup Cleaners in Application

Makeup cleaner and remover do have strong components that clean up everything from the skin precisely. Apply the makeup remover on your lash extensions to remove liner; mascara and even eyeshadow can cause the removal of glue. Make sure you are using an appropriate alternative to avoid the loss of adhesive from the extensions. There are options to try out with safe and easy makeup removal other than using any regular makeup remover.

5. Do not Rub or Brush much

Brushing up the lash extension or rubbing them can also damage them at times. While applying eyeshadow, make sure to come up with a strategy of no rubbing or brushing up the lashes. Even with the application of mascara or liner, be careful with the roots and edges as well. The more you will care, the longer the lash extensions will be with you.


Using the powder-based eyeshadow with lash extensions can help you to have the best of eye makeup. It brings you enough freedom to try out the best eye makeup every time. Do not risk your extensions at all by using the liquid-based or waterproof makeup options on the eyes. Secure them from falling so soon by using the right kind of products at the right time.