How to Wear a Backless Dress with a Normal Bra

Backless dresses are such a hot trend these days but the bras for those dresses are upwards of like 50 bucks which can be as much as the dress. So it necessitates the use of low-back bras. As I said, these bras are mostly expensive and hard to get.

If you want to wear a backless dress with an ordinary bra and don’t want to compromise on the backless look, here is the list of simple bra hacks that you can use with your low-back dress and get good support.

1. Use a Bra Strap Converter

A bra strap converter is an invisible band that hooks to the clasps of an ordinary back closure bra and then fastens near the belly button. It enables you to wear a backless outfit by hiding the bra straps while giving you good support i.e. making the band plunge lower and hence keeps it from view.

When using a bra strap converter, you can hook the bra hook to the eye part of the converter and vice versa. Then wrap the converter strap around your belly to close near the navel. Bra strap converter might not work with thin clothe outfits or skin-tight dress as the outline will show around the abdomen. You can overcome this problem by wearing a wide belt.

This strap converter is also not convenient to use with a deep low back. Some dresses have an opening that does not extend high enough for the bra band to show. Those dresses will work fine with an ordinary bra and a strap converter.

How to use it?

  • Firstly, loosen your bra straps all the way.
  • Secondly, Hook the hook part of the converter onto the eye part of your bra and the hook part of your bra onto the eye part of the converter.
  • Finally, Wrap the strap of the converter around your belly and connect the hook and eye.

2. Wear an Invisible Band Bra

If you have a gorgeous backless dress, that is still sitting in your closet with the tags on just because you don’t have the right bra to wear with it. You can unlock some of your outfits you previously deemed impractical by wearing a transparent-strap bra with it.

These types of bras come with a transparent, non-stretch plastic band and they are very similar to ordinary bras. The straps are also thin so there are barely any visible lines. Most bras hook at the side and adjustment is also done on the side. The straps are usually wider and thin so that they are likely to be invisible. Remember, the straps are not completely invisible, but they are barely noticed.

Best Bras with Invisible Band

These are the Best Bras with Invisible Band that are currently available in the market:

YANDW Strapless Bra with Clear Back

This is a double padded push-up bra that comes in sizes 32A to 42D. The bra can be wear in two ways either strapless or halter. Available in white, black and beige colors, this bra lets you customize for the occasion.

Vivisence Eve 1012

This is another option for everyday wear and for backless dresses. It comes with clear, non-sliding, detachable silicone straps. You can wear it with a thin, white tee or an elegant, backless cocktail dress. The bra is very comfortable as it is made of smooth and plain microfiber.

LamourLove U-Shaped Backless Bra

This bra comes with self-adhesive side wings to hold your breasts in. But you can also attach the adjustable clear, halter straps for additional security. The bra is reusable up to 50 times. When you wash it with warm water and let it air dry, the adhesive regenerates itself for the next use.

3. Clear Bra Band Replacement

You can also choose a clear bra band that is used in place of the existing band. You just have to remove the existing band to fix the clear one but it requires careful and persistent work to ensure the bra will still look good. You can use the services of a dressmaker if you don’t want to do it yourself.

The clear band converts your regular bra into a clear back bra. As a result, it becomes suitable for all backless outfits. Shoulder strap replacement is also an option.

4. Sewn-In Bra Cups

If your dress is very low at the back, that even a bra strap converter won’t work, you can sew bra cups to your dress. This method works great with all dresses, especially which are form-fitting, halter or have wider shoulders.

Just take one of your old bras and attach the cups temporarily and try on the dress before sewing. Or you can always use the service of a dressmaker. Remember, if you are D-cup and above, this method might not work for you.

5. Wear a Multi-Way Bra

A Multi-Way Bra is a perfect accompaniment to any outfit. This is a bra for every occasion – you can wear it in a number of ways. Like classic, halter, cross-back, strapless and one shoulder.

  • Halter Dress: Convert your bra into a halter one. Detach one strap and unlock the strap from the back. Hook it on the other side on the front. Now you’ve converted your bra into a halter bra.
  • One Shoulder Dress: Just remove one bra strap.
  • Tank-Top: Convert your bra into criss-cross back. Unlock the straps from the back. Make a criss-cross and hook them again. Your straps turn almost invisible.
  • Tube Dress: Detach both the shoulder straps and wear it like a strapless bra.

6. Wear a Matching Bra

It is absolutely attractive to show off a cute bra. You can wear a matching bra with a backless dress and still look fashionable. If it looks good to you, it will most likely look gorgeous to other people. You can use a halter and strappy bras this way. Make sure the bra color and style match your dress in order to look even more stylish. Avoid poor-quality bras as they will make you look odd even if your dress is nice-looking.