How to Smudge Eyeliner for a Natural Look

Eyes are the most prominent part of the face and the most important feature as well. If you are going to the office, to a ball or to any simple get together, there is no chance that you are going out without some makeup. While this makeup was to be only used on some special occasions before, it is customary for everyone to wear it on a regular basis. Whether you are a businesswoman or just a simple person shopping in the market, you need to look good. The looks without the makeup are incomplete and at times, they even look sketchy.

If you are going for a complete makeup look, you have to take care of your eyes the most. There is no way that you can ignore your eyes while creating a look and get away with it. Your eyes do not only see, but they speak as well and when someone is going to look at your makeup or judge you by it, your eyes will be the first thing that they will notice.

In order to make your eyes look good, you have to follow different steps. There are just many different looks that you can choose from in order to look good. But, none of them are ever complete without some eyeliner. The cat eyes or the regular office look, they all require you to apply some or a lot of eyeliner on your eyes.

How to Apply?

In order to apply the makeup and smudge it properly, you need to just apply a simple stroke of it on your eyes. After you have done it, you need to immediately start rubbing it with a brush, a bud or your hands.

While the brush is the most preferred way to do this, a lot of people can achieve the look with simple fingers as well. Just blend it in with the eyes and apply some strokes upwards. If your eyeliner is in a great density and you want to make it lighter and create something that looks easy on the eyes, you can use the buds. They will absorb some part of the makeup and you will be left with just some makeup on your eyes that you actually want.

This can also be used to replace the eyeshadows at times if you are not very good with the eyeshadows and want to improve. Or, you are looking for something that does not require so much effort while blending.

There are still other things that you need to consider before you can achieve the required look.

Creating the Natural Look

While the makeup is pretty important, you still wouldn’t want to overdo it. You should always keep a light hand while you are trying to create a look. In everyday situations, you cannot go around with a face full of makeup. While you are going to the office or you are trying to get some chores done in the makeup, you cannot get the full makeup on your face. But, then, you will be missing out on so many things.

This is why people are now creating normal natural looks. These looks are giving the natural vibes on the skin and the face while still hiding the spots or other such stuff on your skin. You can easily get more confidence and some credit for natural pure skin but instead of going for something too much and heavy on your skin.

Whether you have just applied a little bit of the eyeshadow, eyeliner or the mascara, it can be noticed too much by people. If you want to make your eyes look natural and still want to give it a perfect twist, you have to use the eyeliner and smudge it properly.

How to Smudge your Eyeliner?

In order to smudge your eyeliner to create the perfect natural look, you have to take care of different things. If you are looking to make your eyes perfect in all the situations, here are some of the things that you have to note first.

Eyeliner Type

Before smudging any kind of eyeliner, you have to note what kind of eyeliner is it. There are different ways to smudge every different kind of eyeliner. If you are using the cake eyeliner, the liquid eyeliner, pen eyeliner, gel eyeliner or pencil eyeliner.

You can pick any kind of eyeliner that you want, but, you have to see that they are not smudge-proof. You can see that on their packaging or ask the sellers whether it is smudge-proof or not. If it is, you will just be wasting your money on all those eyeliners.

Even though they are very good to give you a dramatic look or give you the cat eyes, they are not ideal for an everyday look or to give you the natural look. In order to achieve that look, you will have to go with something that can be smudged very easily.


This is another important thing that you have to keep in mind. The pigmentation matters a lot when you are looking to smudge your eyeliner to create a more natural look. If your eyeliner has more pigmentation, it will start to look too much on your eyes and will give you more of a dramatic look.

Instead of giving the light touch that you needed on your eyes, it will highlight the eyes more and ruin the quality of your whole makeup. You can use the eyeliners with more pigmentation for the regular look but not for the normal everyday look. It is not at all prioritized over the other kind of makeup available in the market.