How to Make Shapewear Not Roll Down or Up?

Everyone loves to look perfect and beautiful. Not everyone is capable of having a perfectly shaped body. Therefore, they have the option of wearing the right kind of shapewear. Using the accessory as inner gives your body a firm look as a whole. It fixes all the bulges of the body from different sections and highlights the perfect shape, as you want.

Wearing a dress or inner and staying still is not possible. You have to move, walk, sit, and do other activities as well. While having these activities, the shaper gets out of its place and causes a roll upward or downward under the dress. It not only makes you uncomfortable but gives more bulges on the body to make it look odd and disappointing as well.

Facing the problem, many people avoid using shapewear and that is not the ultimate solution. Discontinuing the usage will never give you the solution for the issue. All you need is to find out the reason behind it. Once you have the reasoning, it will be convenient to sort out the problem. Let us explore your track to sort out the issues with shapewear roll up and down.

Why shapewear rolls?

Everyone who wears the shapewear has to face issues with the roll-up or down occasionally. Instead of giving a good look, it even causes embarrassment at times. To deal with the issue, it is necessary to find out the reason behind it. Once you got the reasons, it will be easier to come up with the solution.

Expired shaper– using the shaper for more than expected time causes it to lose shape. Remember, like everything else, the shapewear does have a specific life. You need to consider the usage of life while having the shaper on. For hard users, the overall life of a shaper is limited. While for the occasional users, one shaper can work for a long time.

  • Using the wrong type: Even shapewear comes in different styles and options, they are designed for different body types. When you are using the wrong type of shapewear for your body, it will not get fit in. the issues of roll up or down will be common in all such cases.
  • Not focusing on care instructions: Shapewear is one of the sensitive accessories that you have in the closet. There are certain care instructions you need to follow while using it. The packaging includes the care instructions as major on them. It is essential to follow these guidelines and avoid unwanted consequences. 

Tips to make shapewear not roll down or up

Shapewear is designed to be in its place and even hold the body muscles in a specific shape as well. There are certain reasons it is unable to do the job. It involves sometimes manufacturing reasons or human error as well. If you are facing issues with the shapewear, there is no need to worry at all. Here is the 360 solution to sort out any kind of problem you have been facing with roll up or down. The tips will help you to deal with problems of all kinds. No matter the reasoning, but you can keep the shaper in it the right place for the whole time.

1. Pick up the right quality

The first and foremost thing to consider is the quality of the product. Buying right from the shelf can be good but it requires you to investigate at least. Shapewear is not a grocery time you can pick up by just check to manufacture details and expiry. It requires you to have a little background as well. Numerous manufacturers in the market offer their products with different compositions. They use different materials, cuts, designs, styles, and give different coverage. You need to have a little research about the brands for shapewear and then pick up the best quality.

2. Do not ignore the elasticity

When buying any shapewear, focus on its elasticity for sure. It should not be too tight that can suffocate you. It requires being too easy that can roll up or slip down easily. The shaper needs to be in its place, firm yet comfortable for the body. Any option similar to this experience is the best option for you to try on.

3. Get the size that fits you properly

Many users make a common mistake in the selection of their shapewear and that is the wrong size. Poor size selection is the key reason behind the entire roll up or down issue; you have been facing for a long time. When it comes to picking up a size for the shaper, you make it confuse with the dress sizes or inner-wear sizes. It is not a trick at all. You need to understand the size chart of the shaper and pick up the size accordingly.

It is a different deal and has a different technique of manufacturing as well. You should go through the size options and their measurements in the first place. After reviewing the details, you will be able to pick up the appropriate shaper.

4. Silicone non-slip strip

After getting the shapewear of you, size even if you are not satisfied then here comes the silicon non-slip strip option in the shaper. The shaper type has a strip that can hold the shapewear in its position. You can hook and lock the strip on the waistline. It is silicon made so have enough flexibility, durability, and nontoxic as well. You can easily grip it and do not worry about any slipping off or rolling up. Since the shaper is adjusting to the body, it is not going to cause any trouble.

5. Shaper with the straps

For the people who do not take the risk with the strips, the shapewear comes with straps as well. It is just like an inner west that you can wear from the upside-down. Just wear it and you are all sorted to enjoy the party. There is no need to fix it using any of the strips or hooks. The shaper will not slip off or roll up from the downside in any manner. You are free to move and even dance on the floor to enjoy every moment.

6. High waist options

Most of the shaper panties used to give tight, buts and legs a little shape have issues with slipping off. Whenever you sit and then get up back, the shapewear slips a little bit and somehow you feel it is going to fall off right away. It is because of the size and then waist coverage. When you have the perfect size of shaper and then it is a high waist option, then you do not have to worry. The more waist coverage is doing not let it to slip off easily. You will love the shape it is giving you on butts and belly as well.

7. Focus on cleaning instructions

Ignoring the cleaning instructions causes a massive loss on the shapewear. According to the cleaning instructions, you need to wash out the shaper with moderate tap water, using soft fabric cleaner, and with hands only. The machine wash and spin are lethal for the shaper and its material. It can simply rip off the elastics and other knots of the shaper. Eventually, it will lose its firmness and unable to give you good shape. The shapewear will have its own folded edges, bulges, and loose texture for sure. Just make sure, you are washing the shaper with care and let it dry in shadow after every wash. Do not stretch or rub it too hard while washing.

8. Avoid sharing your shapewear

Sharing the shapewear with others is another wrong thing to do with it. Everybody is different and unique. Although you may have a similar size but not the right curves and texture. If someone else is using your shaper, you will not be able to have it back with the same finish as it was before. It is not something to share at all. Just keep it to yourself and use it with personal care as you do to your undies.

9. Use for a limited time

Every shapewear has a specific lifetime. It is impossible to use one shaper for years. Although the life of the shaper matters to your usage remembers to change it after almost every 6 months. The older shaper will not perform the same way with your body. Moreover, as your body changes its size, you should change the shaper as well. It requires up gradation so you will not have to face problems wearing it.

The bottom line

Shapewear does have problems related to its fixing, but it is not possible to deal with it. Taking note of the causes can turn out in your favor. By following the proper usage guidelines and considering care instructions, you will end up having trouble-free usage. It will not roll up or down at all under the dress.