How to Make Hair Extensions Less Shiny?

Getting long and volume hair is something that everyone likes to have. Hair thinning, hair fall, and other problems cause your hair volume to shrink. On the other hand, short length due to split ends does not give a good deal to grow hair better. Eventually, you end up with short, thin, and weak hair. Repairing the damage requires much effort and time. So, why not come up with something that helps in managing the hair look within no time.

Making Hair Extensions to Look Natural

Cheating the hair extension and making them look similar to your hair is a difficult job. It is obvious that synthetic hair is different in texture from real hair. Therefore, you end up being looking different and not so cool. However, there are possible ways to avoid this problem with the help of a little care and preparation. All you need is to come up with some of the exclusive options and work on the extension selection in the first place. When you are picking up the right and matching extension. Eventually, you will be enjoying the best-looking hair extension.

1. Match the Color

The very first thing is your hair color. We can understand that matching the hair texture is not possible. However, your hair color is not unique and it is possible to get the extension in that specific color. Ask the extension provider to match the extension with your hair color. There is always an option to pick up a wide range of extension color designs and styles. These are available in a single color and even the dyed or highlights. All you need is to invest some time and be patient with the overall selection. Before finalizing it, do have a trial. Ensure the extension is fitting properly in your hair and matching the color or pattern automatically.

2. Ideal Length Options

Purposes of using hair extension are just two; one is to increase the volume of hair and the second is the longer length. The extended length makes your hair look good and lets you have better styling options as well. All you need is to pick up the ideal length that will add up to your hair length at a good margin. Never pick up too long extensions, as it is hard to manage them well with your hair. Moreover, consider the attachment settings for the specific length as it can be hard to attach them sometimes.

3. Placement Options

Hair extensions are available in different placement options. You can get the stick on, clipped, and patched extensions as well. It is more like your preference of investing in the extensions. Make sure you are clear about the things to focus on and your needs. To make the extension look normal with your hair, it is necessary to invest in the placement. Getting them just off track will make extension visible and separate from your hair. Make sure to fix them properly in-between hair and scalp. It helps to make them look like your regular hair and avoid issues.

4. Reduce the Shine

Even after trying the right kind of extensions and making them adjusted to the right length and place you are not feeling them good. The only option left is to reduce the shine. There is no doubt that the new synthetic extension does have more shine than your hair. It is hard to make them look just like your hair. The smoothness and shine can cause it to look different and flashy at times. The ultimate solution is to reduce the shine of your extension using some other tricks. It helps to make the extension look matching to your hair texture and normal. You can relate to the extension better.

Ways to Reduce Hair Extensions Shine

When it comes to reducing the shine of your hair extension, there are numerous questions that come to your mind. It is obvious that we cannot treat the extensions just like our natural hair. These are made of synthetic material and it is not possible to have all the treatments, styling, and other options with these extensions at all. Therefore, to reduce the shine of these fake extension hair strands, you need to come up with some other options for sure.

1. Using Baby Powder

For the instant shine reduction and make, the extensions look more natural and adjustable, baby powder can work better. The powder does have particles that reduce the shine of the surface. It is obvious that you do not want to have all while powder on the hair but there is a way of using it.

Put a little quantity of baby powder into a puff. Now pat the puff on your hair extension and give it a good cover. Once it has done, now shake off the excess powder from the extension by shaking it. Now you can see little of the powder on the extension. Now take the wider side of the comb to run through the extension and fix them. The comb will remove the rest of the excess powder from the extension and take some of its shine along with it.

2. Give a Shampoo Wash

Another harmless trick to make your wig less shiny is the use of shampoo. Simply wash your extension with shampoo just as you do to your hair. The only catch here is the shampoo. On the extensions, it is not possible to use any regular shampoo. You need to get the extension-specific shampoo that is available at a local salon or any hair care store.

The specific shampoo has a specific composition that turns out effective for the extension material and its contents. Make sure you are washing it properly using the normal water not too cold or hot. After wash, dry it using a blow dryer or you can go for the air dry as well. In case you are using the dryer, do not go for the warm settings. Keep the dryer at cold settings for the hair extensions. The synthetic extension cannot take much heat and pressure. Heat can simply damage the extension and you may waste it.

3. Use of Fabric Softener

If you do not want to invest in a specific shampoo for the extension just to get rid of some shine, then you need to try other things. Other than shampoo, there is some stuff in your household that can help. As we know the hair extensions are made of synthetic, fiber so a fabric that softens is not a bad idea either. It can work for you to reduce some shine from these extensions and give you a little softer look for sure.

Take a tub or prepare your basin with a lot of water in it. Add two or three tablespoons of fabric softener to the water. Mix it well, soak your extension in it for about five to seven minutes, and keep finger comb it. Make sure it will be sorted. Remove the extension from water and then let it dry. Do not rinse it for now. Chemicals in the softener will take away some shine from the extension and let you have a more natural extension.

4. Try using Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is known for increasing shine in your actual hair. It is astonishing to know that it can work opposite for your synthetic hair extensions. You can use apple cider vinegar to reduce some shine from your hair extensions easily. It seems funny but amazing at the same time.

In a tub of water add two cups of apple cider vinegar and soak your extension for about 5 to 7 minutes. Drain the solution and rinse the wig with water. Let it air dry or use the hairdryer on cold settings to get rid of the bad smell.

Final Thoughts

Hair extension is one of the most commonly used tricks for hair volume and length. Some people use these extensions occasionally but for some people, these are an everyday necessity. No matter how often you use the extensions, but all you need is to have them as naturally as possible. The affordability of real hair extensions is not common as they cost so much. So, using synthetic hair extension and then making it natural looking with less shine is appropriate. You need to reduce the extension shine just to make it match with your hair. Eventually, it can turn out the most suitable accessory for you. No matter how much your hair shine but the luster of synthetic extension is different and too flashy. It is essential to work on lightening it. Eventually, you can have the best outcomes and turns out to enjoy the best of your extensions.