How to Make Fake Freckles with Eyeshadow?

Freckles and beauty are surprisingly interrelated. You are astonished to know that people around the world appreciate these spots on the face. It is interesting to know that ideologies towards beauty are changing with time. At once, when women are getting the skin treatments to have fair, clear, and spotless skin. On the other hand, they are willing to have fake freckles on their face for some reason. It is all about knowing things better and accepting the natural components of the skin in its own space as well.

Why Freckles are Beautiful?

There is no doubt that we have been living with myths about beauty for centuries. Mostly it is all a mindset created by the highbrow fashion magazines. Ladies have been struggling for flawless skins. In their struggle, it has been the thick foundation, multiple visits to beauty clinics, laser treatments, injections, creams, and more.

Thankfully, right now the definition of beauty is on a change. The incorporation of scientific study and its public acclamation has made things easier and better. Having a different skin type is everyone’s beauty. No skin or color is good or bad. It is all about a unique skin that is coming up with its benefits.

Beauty experts in previous times have targeted freckles on the skin. However, right now, these are beautiful, attractive, and safe as well. Many people have been thinking about these freckles as a danger zone. Now with a little knowledge about their origin, you can relate to reality.

Melanocytes are the specific cells in our skin. These cells work to protect our skin from the harmful impact of UV rays. We can say that these are like sunglasses or a protection shield for our skin. The natural sunscreen helps in avoiding any prior damage to the skin.

People with light skin tone do not have the appropriate distribution of these cells in the body. It is possible that cells will occur in different patches or left some patches on the skin unattended at the same time. Eventually, the darkening of the skin in such people results in freckles. The spotted tanning or darkening on the body due to the light exposure.

By understanding skin science, now people believe these are beautiful. Fortunately, many of the influencers that include mainstream stars came up flaunting their freckles on-screen and publically. It simply boosted the morale of women and even men around the globe now to flaunt their freckles.

Making Fake Freckles with Eyeshadow

Women are now on the go-to look beautiful with this new exploration. Therefore, to have the freckles you cannot end up with a sunburn, or being tanned all the time. If it does not come naturally to you, it does not mean to bring it forcefully. If you will try to get natural freckles, you will end up with complete skin damage.

There is a possible way of getting fake freckles with makeup. If we have been covering the freckles using makeup then now we can create some as well. In makeup, you have numerous cosmetic options to create freckles with. Eyeshadow is one of the commonly available pallets that you have and there are numerous unused colors in there as well. So, let us explore how you can make freckles using the eyeshadow.

1. Deciding the Freckle Texture and Color

The very first thing you need to work on is the freckle’s texture and color. It is the deciding factor. Whether you are looking for dark tone freckles to a lighter one. It depends on your overall skin tone and the look you want to achieve after makeup.

There are spotted and dotted freckle options that you can acquire by pointing the brushes or you can come up with joining dots that form a patch of a freckle on the face. The best idea is to browse some options and then finalize one.

Even if you are not able to come up with one final option, then start with single spots and then increase their numbers according to your choice. Before getting started, you need to pick up an eyeshadow color. If you want, darker look then make it dark brown and for the lighter tones, you can come up with light brown or even grey brown mixture as well.

2. Best Spots for Freckles

Once you are done with the freckle color and texture, now it is time to come up with the spots for freckles. Most of the times, freckle appears on the nose and upper cheek area of the face. Anyone rarely has freckles on the forehead or chin. Therefore, you do have a wide room to mark the freckles according to your choice.

In the natural phenomenon, it is not possible to come up with a choice, but right now, you have a choice to make. Therefore, you can decide on a spot of your choice as well. Remember, it is inappropriate to go against the odds. If you want to keep, the look natural then focuses on the area that common has freckles. It will make the whole effort fruitful as well.

3. Preparing your Skin

Creating fake freckles is just like face painting but not with the paint but your own eyeshadow. It is harmless and convenient for you at times. All you need is to come up with the perfect color and technique. Before going ahead with the freckle application, you need to prepare the skin.

In case you apply the eyeshade freckles on the skin, these will get smudge and no give you a natural look. So, clean your face properly and moisturize first so any of your foundation or base will sit properly. Once it is done and you are almost done with all other makeup things. It is now time to get started with the freckles.

4. Mixing the Eyeshadow

At first, you need to take a small mixing plate and put a bit of your eyeshadow on the plate. Drop a few water drops with the help of a dropper in it. Be conscious, you do not need much water. It has to be very little so it will form a consistent paste. The past should not be too runny at all.

Using the powder shadow is the best choice here. Do not go with the gel or any other kind of eyeshadow for the practice. Just make sure water and shade are mixed properly.

5. Creating Freckles

Now it is time to create freckles. Before applying it to your face, take the thinness brush or a toothpick that is enough to give you a nice tip. Dip it in the mixture and place a dot on your hand. Check if it is dripping water or not from the mixture.

If it sits properly and does not give any water dropping, it means you can get started with creating freckles. Now start dotting the freckles in your predefined area with a consistency of your choice. In case you want to have heavy freckles, then using a brush or toothpick can be time taking. You can take a small sponge with bigger holes. Dip it in the mixture and press along the freckle line to get instant and natural-looking freckles.

6. Final Touches

Once you are done with all your face, it is time to let it sit. It will take a few minutes to dry completely and get normal with the skin. You can touch one or two spots to check. When it is done, now you can use the regular face powder to give them a natural covered look. It will normalize the texture with the skin and you are good to go.

You do not want to damage your skin just to get freckles. These are in other words skin damage with its beauty. However, not everyone gets these naturally as well. If you try to expose your skin to the sun with a tendency to have natural freckles, you will end up damaging the skin cells and causing major problems.

Other than taking any other dangerous way out, you can simply make the fake freckles’ suing different skin-friendly options. Eyeshadow is one of the common cosmetics you use for eye makeup. It is just fine to use it in creating fake freckles and beautify yourself.


Creating fake freckles is as easy as you can imagine. It is all about knowing where to draw and how to get fine results. You can practice this freckle creation various times to end up with the perfect spots and placement in the end. Remember, it is a little time taking and requires you to be patient. In the haste, you will end up with a mess on your face that you will never love.