How to Add Conditioner to Hair Dye?

We all are afraid that hair dye can damage our hair. However, no one wants faded, dull or grey hair as well. Caring for hair is essential and coloring them is a part of it. While dyeing hair, many people prefer to use some of the tips or tricks. People market these tricks as perfect remedies and safety options to secure hair from damage. In case, these are not logical, they can turn out as lethal damage as well.

Using the hair conditioner in the hair dye is one of such tricks or tips that people give in their blogs. Both are hair products with their systematic chemical composition. However, it is not evident whether combining these two is the best option for your hair safety or not. Therefore, before mixing your conditioner with hair dye, it is essential to know how it works.

What Happens When You Mix Conditioner And Hair Dye?

Many people read or hear about the trick, so they want to know what exactly happens on mixing these two things. If we ask the professionals then there are two opinions. One group gives it good thumbs up and believes that conditioner helps to protect hair from dye chemical damage. While the other group believes it, only soften the color and hair and do nothing else.

These two opinions come up with two different strategies to use the conditioner in hair dye. To know what exactly or possibly happens in mixing these two things, we need to get into each scenario.

1. Conditioner securing hair from damage

There is a belief that mixing conditions in your hair dye will help to secure it from damaging the hair and affect them badly. The professionals consider when you mix conditioner in the hair dye; it reduces the chemical impact, makes the dye more hair-friendly, and gives more shine to hair as well. Eventually, you can have the best of hair color and even hair tone as well.

Moreover, it keeps the hair dye in its place by keeping it thick and goofy. Eventually, you do not have to face the issues of tripping during application. The conditioner does avoid the color impacting the scalp and reduces the scalp coloring during the dye.

2. Conditioner making hair soften OR color lighten

Another belief about using hair conditioner in the hair dye is making the hair soft and color light. The hairstylists believe it does not secure or shields hair from the dye chemicals. The conditioner helps hair to be soft and sorted even after hair color. Many people face issues with hair being dry and rough after color. The conditioner helps to avoid such conditions and gives a smooth hair look.

On the other hand, it softens the color shade of hair dye. By adding the conditioner to your dye mixture, you will get a lighter shade on your hair. It dilutes the color capacity of hair dye and you may not get the exact and specified color. In this case, you need to adjust the proportion of hair dye and conditioner at a specific margin. It helps to get the softness and accurate hair color at the same time.

3. Should you do it or not?

There is nothing sure and confirmed about how mixing conditioner will react to the hair dye. We are all in confusion about the actual results and outcomes of mixing hair conditioners and hair dye. Therefore, you need to come up with a final version, whether it is a yes or no.

Deciding on the act is only based on the perfection of the performer. If you are good, enough to manage the hair color and conditioner proportion and using it well for the hair then it is a yes. You have the idea about managing the hair color and ending up with the best results.

On the other hand, if you are not familiar with proportions of hair color and hair conditioner, then it is a tricky job. You will end up having bad or mild color, skin reaction, and other issues as well. So, in the hands of an immature, this trick is strictly prohibited.

Before you jump into such tricks and tactics, you need to understand the basics and technicalities first. After knowing the base, you will end up with the best results for sure. It happens with time and you can have good hair.

Another important factor to consider is hair health and scalp nature. For sensitive scalps and weak hair, it is not good to try out experiments. The safest option of all times is to never get impressed by the stories of random people. Know about your skin and hair health first. After knowing your condition, it is safer to jump into such tactics and tips.

Securing Your Hair Dye With Conditioner

Hair conditioner possesses several important and useful features that we normally ignore. For regular hair care, conditioner plays a vital role. It is not only efficient for your daily care but extensive care as well. After getting a hair color, many people face issues with a bad color, fade color, or dull hair. A very few of them know that their regular hair conditioner can do some magic to their hair for sure.

It is all about using one thing right in its best position. There are certain ways your conditioner can secure the hair dye to its best. All you need is to know the right way of using hair dye. If you are doing it right, you will be having it best for your hair and looks.

1. Put conditioner first

Many people are reluctant to shampoo after getting hair color. There is no doubt a regular shampoo will cut off the color and brings you a different and unwanted tone. Even if you are using color-friendly shampoo, it will not save the shade at all. You need to go a little advance with the proper color care.

Normally we put the shampoo first and then condition our hair. With your dyed hair, you can come up with a reverse action. Put the conditioner fist on your damped hair and then put the shampoo on it. The conditioner will secure the color giving it coverage. The shampoo will clean up the scalp and remove dirt not the color from your hair. Eventually, you can enjoy the hair color for a longer time.

2. Condition the color

Refreshing the hair color seems difficult at times. You do not want to give it a lot of time and have to go in a hurry. The problem is sorted with the help of the conditioner. After washing your hair, take a mixing bowl. Add your hair color in a small quantity and then add your hair conditioner to the bowl. Mix it well and apply it to your hair. Let it sit for like three to five minutes. Rinse like your normal deal.

The conditioner and dye give your color a refreshing look and shine together. It will make the hair soft and more vibrant. You can apply the trick more often in routine to save some bucks from the regular hair dye appointment.

3. Safer roots touchups

Touching up roots only comes up with several challenges normally; you have to deal with a running hair dye. It can drip to the hair ends easily. Are you looking for a resort? It is right there in your vanity. Grab your hair conditioner and add it to your hair dye mixture. Use a little amount of it just to make the mixture thick enough. Once it is thick, you can apply it easily to the roots and it will not flow down to the ends. It is the best way to have a safer root touchup with your hair color. No color spilling will damage the other hair and gives you accurate root touching.

The Bottom Line

Hair dye is one of the complex subjects when you are moving towards hair care. It requires you to understand your hair texture, dye composition, and then its application. Mixing and altering anything from the formula can be risky and at times not recommended. On the other hand, conditioner is one essential that help us to secure hair from different damages.

Adding your hair conditioner to hair dye cannot be dangerous but a matter of care. You need to be careful with the overall usage of such materials. It is better to consult first from your stylist and then apply it to your hair. Going for random experiments can cause multiple issues. Remember, if you have sensitive skin or hair is too weak to handle any experiment. Do not perform any of such acts on your hair. It will lead you to some drastic issues that you will never like to have in your life.