Can You Dye Your Hair After Permanent Straightening?

Straight hair is everybody’s preference. Although curls, beach waves, and other options are attractive. These give your personality a different look. However, straight hair is the sorted one. These are the best options when it comes to having manageable hair. Not everyone has a straight and sorted hair type at all.

Around the world, we do have several hair types and textures. Every single person is different from the other with some unique and special traits. It is important to accept uniqueness and come up with versatility. Thankfully, we have the advancement and technology to improve the overall hair texture and presentation at its best.

Using multiple hair treatment options, it is convenient for us to come up with better hair every day. Permanent straightening is one of the impressive treatments that you can acquire these days. It makes the hair sorted and smooth for a quite good time. You do not need to straight them daily using a flat iron.

What is considered permanent straightening?

Before we proceed towards the hair coloring after getting permanent straightening treatment, we have to understand the treatment. The permanent straightening involves alteration in the cell structure of the hair. The chemicals and serums used in the procedure contain the ability to alter the construction and formation of hair cells. The change leads them to be more settled and straight in their specific mode for sure.

When it comes to permanent straightening, there are numerous options and types of procedures one can access. All of these procedures are different from using the heating the instrument for straightening.

1. Chemical straightening

To keep the cost minimum and come up with the home treatment, you can get the chemical treatment kit at home. These kits include all the necessary serums and chemicals for you to try out. Using the kits, you will be able to get hair-straightening treatment at home. The process does not take too long but requires specialized skills. If you do not have any background in clinical beauty, it will be difficult for you to get maximum benefits from the kit.

2. Professional treatment

Professional treatment at the saloon is the best option to try out. Saloons have well-equipped stations to help you with permanent straightening. You need to make an appointment with the professional salon master and then get the treatment. They use the ultimate techniques and practices to come up with the best results.

3. Semi-permanent straightening

At the professional scale, you can get semi-permanent straightening treatments such as Keratin and Extenso. The treatments let you have the sorted and straight hair for about 3 to 5 months easily. It takes multiple sittings to be done with the overall proceedings but end up with amazing results.

4. Thermal straightening

It is a Japanese technique to have hair straightening at its best. The procedure takes a long time. You need to be seated in a salon chair for almost 5 to 6 hours. However, the results are always amazing for you to enjoy. It gives you a long-lasting time of almost 6 to 7 months in general.

Hair dye after straightening

As we know that permanent straightening involves chemicals and agents that change hair foils and their behavior. After getting the treatment, it is not ideal to go for the hair dye. Hair dye also incorporates some chemicals and combining two different chemicals will lead to the ultimate destruction. It will reduce the active time and impact of hair straightening at the same time.

Professionals suggest getting the hair color before straightening treatment. It lets hair have its best color and afterward get the straightening treatment. On the other hand, if you try to get it right after straightening treatment, you will end up with a loss.

The straightening chemicals do not let the color apply in its best form. You cannot get the color of choice and requirement as well. On the other hand, it will affect hair quality and health at the same time. The best alternative is to either have it in advance or wait for almost seven to ten days after getting straightening treatment.

With the careful application and management of hair straightening treatment and dye, you can end up with ultimate results. Do not forget to consult with your hairstylist before ending up with treatment or dye.

Care instructions

There is no doubt that hair straightening comes with great value for you. Eventually, it can end up you with the best results and hair care. However, there are certain care requirements you need to manage for better and long-lasting results. If you are not taking good care of your hair, it will end up as a threat for you.

  • Avoid dyes after treatment – after getting the hair straightening treatment, the most important thing to avoid is a dye. It can result in hair loss and you won’t have the right color in the result. Moreover, you will lose the straightness from your hair as well. 
  • Give it proper resting – after straightening, your hair needs to rest and set in its space. If you try to twist or turn them, the hair will eventually have that curve and turns in them. You will end up with bad shape hair for sure.
  • No dual treatment – do not go for another treatment for about four months. You need to let it sit on the hair and be hair in its perfect shape for a while. Having another treatment on it will end you up with disaster sometimes.
  • Use the after-treatment products – using the regular shampoo or conditioner will make you lose the treatment results. Make sure you are going to use the after-treatment products in the first place. These will help to keep up the results for a longer time and enjoy the best hair as well.

When you need to get hair straightening?

Most of the time permanent hair straightening is not a luxury to enjoy. Not everyone wants to invest just in the looks and get the treatment in time. Sometimes, there are certain conditions when a person needs to have these treatments. These conditions call up for the remedy and rescue. The frequent issues with hair ask for the ultimate solution and you have no other option than to get treatment.

1. Tired of curly hair

People with curly hair have to face a lot. Combing, styling, and managing their hair are just a mess. They have to deal with every possible challenge in life. It is not easy to have curly hair specifically for your big day coming.

Although these are a part of beauty everyone, they have the right to transform their appearance. With the help of hair straitening, one can get sleek and smooth hair without any curls in them. When you are tired of meaning your curls, it is time to look around for the straightening options.

2. Too much of fizz

Other than curls, another issue that comes on the top is the fizz. Many people do not like their hair due to an immense fix in the setting up hair in one position is not possible for them. The hair keeps busting and has a rough look. In this manner, the straightening treatment is the ultimate option that one could have all the time. Using this option, one can have the best hair and presentation of all time.

3. Avoid frequent damage

Fizz in hair comes with many other issues such as tangling, breakage, damage, and flat iron burning. To reduce the fizz you will go for the regular straightening. It will give you some instant results for a short time, but not in a longer run. Eventually, you will have all burned hair. It will affect the hair shine, life, and length. The dead ends will not let your hair grow well and you will require frequent haircuts. The best option you have is to go for proper hair treatments and straightening.

4. Too thin to tangle

Thin hair has more chances of tangling. A little carelessness will lead you to a bundle of frustrating tangles. To make them tangle-free you have to hassle a lot. With permanent straightening, you will end up with sorted and manageable hair. These are not bothering you at all. With a single comb, you can fix up the issues and there is nothing left behind to worry about. Straightening can be a resort for you to avoid frequent tangles for sure.

The bottom line

Hair management is necessary for your good looks. It is rare that without effort someone has the best hair. Sometimes you need to take help from the natural resources and sometimes the saloon treatments. No matter what you are taking, the result needs to be good. With the hair, straightening you can make your life easy and sorted. However, hair dyeing after the straightening will make things worse for you. Just be wise when making such decisions to enjoy the best hair and skincare.