Do you put Mascara on Fake Eyelashes?

Everyone loves to have thick and long lashes. The people who have them naturally are the lucky ones. They can have quick styling and flaunt it all the time. Unfortunately, the ones having lighter or flat lashes have to try out a number of things. They need to invest in fake lashes, lash lift, lash extension, and makeup as well.

The use of fake lashes and mascara is one of the feasible and accessible tricks to make lashes look better and appealing. Some people use them both together. Here comes a tricky approach when you have to use the mascara and lashes together. There is no doubt it gives the best results and a valid trick but requires a specific application.

Why put Mascara with Fake Eyelashes?

Many people have concerns; when you are using fake lashes, then why add mascara to them. It seems a valid question but with a close inspection, one can find out numerous reasons as well. The beauty of the eyes is not just about getting the fake lashes but making them synchronize with the face. No matter how good a fake eyelash is, it cannot compare to the natural one. Therefore, here comes the mascara to help you for the following reasons.

1. Making it Natural

Fake lashes will always look fake and stand out on our natural lashes. These are the sit on the top of your original lashes. It is hard to make them natural and getting the real like feel. Brushing up mascara on the lashes helps to give them a natural look. With the help of mascara, these are brushed in a natural style and do not look odd in close inspection.

2. Merging it well

For the fake eyelashes, it is not possible to merge with the roots of natural lashes. You cannot do it. Moreover, the shape of fake lashes is all lift. On the other hand, if the natural eyelashes are a little low and do not have any lift, then you will experience two parallel lashes at the same time. In this manner, you will feel uncomfortable and odd.

The application of mascara helps to merge the natural and fake lashes. The mascara strokes lift the natural lashes to the fake ones and attach them. Eventually, you have one big long lash.

3. Adding Volume

We all know mascara for one reason and that is giving volume and shape to the lashes. Fake lashes do not require the shape, but volume sometimes. If you are working on the eyes to make them look prominent and giving them a bigger look, then mascara is there. It lets you add more volume to the whole lash and eye that you can enjoy for sure.

Not everyone has black lashes, not even all fake lashes are dark in color. If you are unable to have too dark-colored lashes, then mascara can help. It will make them dark and dense at the same time. You can eventually have deep and luxurious black eyes. For the modern black outfit, such a style can be appealing and impressive.

4. Giving Lashes a Support

Many times, you have issues with fake lashes and glue. It is hard to make them stick or stable in their place. With the help of eyeliner, you can cover up the base of lashes and glue while using mascara, give support to lash. The mascara can attach the real and fake lashes. Eventually, you will be able to make the fake lash work for a long time.

Some useful Tips

Using mascara to make eyelashes is one of the effective strategies. However, there are certain points that you need to understand the appropriate application. If you are not focusing on these tips, eventually you can end up with a little mess with makeup. So, make sure, you need to come up with the best and accurate application of mascara with fake lashes.

1. Selecting Mascara

The very first thing you need to select the right kind of mascara. Not all kinds of mascaras can work for fake lashes. You need to be careful about the texture and overall results it can bring you normally. Therefore, pick up oil-free mascara in the first place that will help you get the right results.

2. Application Timing

The application of mascara is one of the crucial parts. Many people are confused about whether to apply mascara before the application of fake eyelashes or after that. Professionals recommend you apply the fake eyelashes in the first place. Place them properly with the roots of your lashes. Let it sit and glue to be stick properly with the skin. Once it is dry, now apply the mascara on the lashes carefully.

3. Number of Coats

Make sure you are putting the right direction strokes and merging the natural lashes with the fake ones. You need to stroke the brush in the direction of fake lashes. It will merge the original lashes with them and give you a flawless look. Remember, one stroke or a maximum of two is good enough for a perfect finish.

If you are not comfortable with the results, you can readjust with the mascara brush without adding more mascara to it. Never brush up them repeatedly with a plain brush as the brush can remove mascara from lashes. You may have crumbs in the lashes due to frequent brushing.

4. Letting it Dry

Do not proceed with makeup and their thing without letting it dry. Mascara on the fake lashes requires more time to dry in comparison to the other lashes. Let it sit for about 3 minutes in general. The drying time mostly depends on the coat of mascara you have applied on the lashes. Do not make haste even if it taking a lot of time. After a good wait, you will eventually have the best outcomes.

Choosing Best Mascara for False Lashes

For flawless results with false lashes and mascara, you need to come up with the appropriate mascara that works for the lashes. The texture of fake lashes is different from the natural one. You cannot use waterproof mascara for this purpose. It is hard to remove an option that can eventually turn out to be a hectic job for you.

The best option to use with your fake lashes is light and oil-free mascara. It is the best approach that will not make it hard for you to remove and apply the mascara at the same time. Remember, if the mascara or liner contains oil, then after application, it can kill the adhesive of your fake lashes. Eventually, the lashes will leave the skin from the base and turn out to be a disaster.

Cleaning up Lashes Later

After careful application of the fake lashes and mascara, the major task is its removal. You need to invest a lot of energy in the removal of these lashes now. The first thing you need oil-based eye makeup removal. It will do magic for you in the first place.

After cleaning up the eye makeup, now damp the cotton pad containing makeup remover on your eye. Do not rub it at all. Make sure the remover will not get into your eyes. Let it sit for about 20 seconds while keeping your eyes closed. Now gently rub the cotton pad on the eyelids.

Gradually clean up the glue and mascara from the eyes. Make sure you are not doing it too harshly. Once the lash is loosening up, now pull it off by grabbing from one edge. If you feel, it is a stick, do not pull but apply more makeup remover.

If you do not find a good and safe makeup remover for your eyes, you can use rose water to clean up the lashes and skin moisturizer to ease adhesive on the area. It is essential to clean up the mascara and adhesive properly. Otherwise, you may pluck one or two of your flares in the procedure.


Beautifying the eyes using fake eyelashes and mascara is all about your practice and selecting the right options. You do have everything available with you. The application of everything brings different results. It is all about your style to modify things and transform your looks with the use of these amazing tricks. Just make sure to use the safe tricks for all transformations. Avoid anything that can harm your skin and will have diverse effects on your skin health after application.