Can you Curl and Straighten Hair Extensions?

Styling with hair extensions is one of the tricky and confusing jobs. You are always concerned about how to style it the right way. However, there are certain constraints and restrictions you need to follow. The common question about styling the hair extension is whether or not you can curl or straight it. Ask experts about it, you will get numerous answers. Every professional has a different approach towards extension styling.

When you are moving forward with the styling, there are multiple things you need to focus on in the first place. Deciding on curling or straightening your hair extension demands you to work it out properly.

Straightening your hair extension

Straightening your hair extensions is as simple as you do for the hair every time. All you need is a flat iron with a brush, clips, and heat protection serum. For the hair extensions, you have two options, either you are going to have them clipped or before application. Make sure to untangle them, apply serum, divide them into sections and apply flat iron at a specific heat.

Remember, you can only do the procedure on the human hair extensions. It is not possible to perform the simple straightening procedure on the synthetic extensions. For the synthetic extensions, you will either be having the straight extensions or try some tricks with them. Since these are not real hair, so you do not have to apply heat serum.

In fact, you cannot use a flat iron directly to them. It will be a light heat press method. It is all about a trick that might be able to work or may damage your extensions. Place extension on your iron board; cover it with a dense napkin. Heat iron to the lowest and press the napkin. Make sure it is not transferring too much heat. After a little press on the short area, you can check if it’s working fine, you can continue.

Adding curls

For all human hair extensions, you do have a simple formula for adding curls. It is just about using the curling wand and it is sorted. To have seamless curls, apply the extension to your hair and curl it with your hair. It gives you the same kind of curls.

1. Heatless curl option

When you are on your way to avoid the heat for curls, that is possibly logical, then here are some options. Using the heatless curl options for hair, you can come up with the best options of all time. These techniques work for real hair extensions for sure. In the case of synthetic extensions, you can always try them.

2. Straw curling option

The straw curling option seems to be the simple and effective method you just need to curl up and roll small hair sections on straws. When these are curled up then knot the straw and leave it for a while. Damping a little water on hair before curling up will help you to get better results.

3. Hair curlers

Hair curlers are one of the ancient and common tricks. These are the best option that can handle and lock the hair sections in specific curls. All you need is to set the extension on the table, comb it to untangle completely. Divide it into different sections. Take the rolling part of the roller and wrap the hair section around it. Once it is done, now get the other clipping part and lock it with the rolling part. Make sure it is locked properly. Let it rest for some time. You may have to wait for about two or five hours. Since it is a heatless procedure so you need to wait for a little longer. However, the results will be amazing and you will not regret the results for sure.

4. Sock bun technique

When you are looking for the loose and long curls then here comes another trick that works. All you need is to wrap the sock into a bun on your head. Make sure to roll up the hair properly within the roll. Let it sit for about some time and curly hair to a specific state.

All the heatless curl options require more time than curling rod timing. You have to be patient and wait for the results. Remember, the synthetic hair extension may not respond to these tricks. The material comes in its specific shape of the formation. The best option is to buy an already curled extension in the first place.

The type of extension matters a lot

When you are looking for the appropriate styling of your hair extension, the most important thing is your extension itself. It is not possible to treat all the extension types the same way. Every single type has its different form and treatment options. You need to consider the type first and then proceed. Remember, the type of extension matters when you are buying it. At that time, you need to decide which one can be the right option and help to make it work better.

1. Human

The first and most expensive option is the human hair extension. It is made of real human hair, not any artificial fiber. Eventually, these are the appropriate replacement for your real hair or add beauty to them. Real hair extensions can easily get match and fix to your hair. These look real and natural. Therefore, you will have the perfect settlement and styling. These do not have any restrictions on use. You can treat the extension similar to your real hair. The only downside here is the cost. These types of extensions are extremely expensive and hard to find for custom options.

2. Synthetic

The other option is synthetic hair extension. It is made of artificial fiber that is made of plastic and other chemicals. These hair are not real, cheaper, comes in variation, and easily available. The downsides are not much but you need to put some effort into making these extensions look natural. The synthetic hair has an extraordinary shine in them. The shine does not match your real hair in any case. Therefore, you end up looking fake or different. There are numerous options to try to reduce shin from these extensions. If you are looking for some quick and short-time fixes, these are the best options you try out.

Common tips you should consider

Having an alternative approach can be helpful for you at times. It eventually makes things sorted and easier for you. Here are some common tips that can help you with hair extension styling.

1. Pick up curled or straightened extensions

When you are on a tight budget and want to keep it cheap, synthetic hair extensions are the best option. These come up with specific styles in curls, waves, straight, and other options. You can easily avoid the hassle of straightening and curling. Picking up the cheap, easy to use and maintained extensions can be a good option.

2. Consult an expert

Another option you can try is to approach your hair styling expert. It turns out the best option for you to get safe and in-time extension styling. The professionals know the best way to do it perfectly without any damage. Eventually, you will end up with safer and perfect extension styles.

3. Do it yourself – but be safe with it

If you have human hair extensions, it is best to style them just the way you do with your hair. In the case of synthetic hair extensions, you need to be extra careful and try some careful tactics as well.

To get started with your own hair extension styling, you need to work on a few things. The first is your extension type and then what option you chose. If you chose the self-styling tip, then methods are different for human hair and synthetic extension.


Hair extensions seem to be the right option for you in getting better volume and length. However, getting the best quality and high-end extensions is costly and not approachable. Therefore, you end up with synthetic hair extensions that come in multiple options of styles, colors, length, and much more. When you are into frequent styling, it is better to buy extensions of these styles in synthetic. You will be able to change styles easily. However, buying too many extensions is not a good deal, so learn it out to style even your synthetic hair extensions. These will turn out as best and appropriate for you to look beautiful and attractive. Moreover, the styling comes to you in handy so there is no issue with its management.