How to use Concealer on an Uneven Skin Tone?

In this article, I’m going to show you my little tricks and tips on how to use concealer if you have an uneven skin tone.

Start with a Fresh Face

So, start off with a fresh bare face. The first thing I like to do is apply a primer. You can use a regular face primer or you can use a primer that’s specifically for the under-eye area. The primer is a great base for everything else we’re going to apply. You want to avoid using anything that’s too emollient because that might increase the chances of the concealer to crease.


If you’re using a powder foundation you want to conceal first but if you are using a liquid foundation then you want to conceal after. I use a liquid foundation. You want to blend the foundation out towards the eye area but don’t carry it all the way underneath. The less product in that area the better so there’s a less chance of creasing. If you do get any foundation underneath the eyes just use your fingers to blend it away.


For the concealer, I recommend using a light creamy or liquid concealer rather than a heavy concealer. Lighter concealers won’t get stuck in the fine lines as heavy concealers do. After you apply your concealer I recommend blending it out with a damp sponge. You want to run the sponge under the sink get it wet and then squeeze out any excess water with a paper towel. You’re going to use that sponge to press the product into your skin. The sponge helps to push it into your skin and gives you a really natural skin tone. Whereas a makeup brush sometimes can just move the product around everywhere and that is more likely to cause an uneven skin tone.

I also really love using my fingers as you pat and blend the concealer underneath your eye area with your fingers. The warmth from your fingers heats up the product and makes it blend beautifully. Go over everything one more time with a sponge or your fingers just to make sure there’s no creasing at all.

Apply Powder

Finally, apply the powder. The powder that I use is a loose translucent powder and the little trick that I love to do is I love applying the powder with a wet sponge. Take your sponge one more time and dip it into the powder and then apply that underneath your eyes. Use the damp sponge to blend the powder in and that will really help to make sure that you have no creasing and that your concealer stays put.