Can you wear Shapewear while Pregnant?

Many Women have questions regarding wearing shapewear during pregnancy. They have concerns about whether is it safe for their child or not. During pregnancy, females are going through several changes and transformations. Dealing with all body and hormonal changes, they have to come across some of the complex questions.

When a woman is unable to sleep on her side comfortably, cannot press her belly, or have to be careful with every step, in this condition wearing a shaper can be tricky at times. However, experts suggest that wearing a shaper will not harm the baby or woman at all. It will give a nice fit, lift, and perfection to the belly at a time.

The baby is always secured and cushioned in the amniotic fluid. The little pressure around the belly will not be harmful; in fact, it will give nice protection in itself. All you need is to make sure that shapewear will fit your current belly size. There are shapers available out there in the market for pregnant women. These can help you with the right size and adjustment as well.

Why wear shapewear during pregnancy?

Other than talking about the basic concerns that women have regarding wearing shapewear during pregnancy, many of the professionals suggest them to wear these often during pregnancy development. Numerous reasons call for shapewear during pregnancy. All these reasons are not just beauty related but cover up many other things in general as well.

1. Makes you slimmer

Many females get into inferiority complexes related to their body and its shape. They find it hard to look attractive. Many females look around for the options to look slimmer and smart. The shaper wear helps the females to look even better with their growing bump. It gives their body a slimmer and fit look that does not let anything to leak away from the appearance for a quite good time.

3. Give support to bump

Although the belly bump shows gradually and gives enough time to a mother to be so they can bear it. However, managing the bump can be hard as well. It requires support and courage at the same time. By wearing the shaper, it is easier to support the bump from all sides. It keeps it cover and lets the person feel good in her body.

4. Good for back support

Wearing shapewear can help you to have better support for the back. Many females have to face the backaches coming as proceed towards further stages. A tight cover in the cavity helps to bear and deal with these aches in time. Eventually, the mother to be can survive the phase easily.

5. Grow with pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is rare that any outfit grows with the mother’s bump. After a certain time, she has to look for new clothes that can cover her bump. Only the stretchable shapewear is the product that grows with the bump it covers it up to the maximum level. In fact, with the help of this cover, you can wear some of your clothes easily mostly trousers and jeans.

6. No slips

With the increasing belly size, it is hard for the regular inners to be in their place. They either slip down or bunch up from the waist. The feeling is so uncomfortable that you cannot even describe it. With the use of shapewear, you do not have to worry about these old undergarments. The maternity shaper helps you to feel comfortable with all fittings and placements in their best place. The shaper remains in its stagnant position keeps the dress at its best as well. You can get rid of all slips and bunching at once with the plain shaper.

7. Expand wardrobe

The shapewear comes with all possibilities to widen your wardrobe. You do not have to look around for new pants, trousers, leggings, and more. Moreover, it keeps you fit in the other clothes of your size for quite a long time. You can add a few pairs of dresses to wear when there is no shaper around. Otherwise, it is good enough to back you with the best options from your very own closet.

8. Perfect party looks

Many pregnant women avoid parties and protocol nights as well. Wearing a dress with having a bump and all saggy body seems embarrassing for them. With the help of shapewear, it is impossible to miss out on any dinner or party at all. It is right here to give you all the luster and attraction as well. By keeping the body in its slim fit condition, the shaper lets you wear any party dress easily. It gives a highlight to all your curves. Moreover, the baby bumps are clear, attractive, and ready to flaunt.

9. Safe for skin and baby

The maternity shapewear is designed according to the skin conditions of a pregnant woman. There is no doubt; during pregnancy, a female’s skin is super sensitive and reactive. Therefore, the material keeps it protected and does not leave any marks, rashes, or even redness. The advanced technology enables the shaper to adjust itself with the body shape and its growth at the same time. It seems an overall package for pregnant women.

10. Gives the mother confidence

It is not wrong to admit that shapewear is not only giving confidence to regular females but to be mothers as well. It is surprising and efficient for mothers and pregnant females. They feel confident and complete with this ultimate support. It makes their pregnancy tenure easy and bearable as well.

Do’s and don’ts of wearing shapewear during pregnancy

Wearing shapewear during pregnancy is not all about gaining its benefits and making the most of it. The practice does ask you to consider some dos and don’ts at the same time. Although it is safe to wear these stretchable inners during the times. However, you cannot take things for granted and pull off an experiment in the procedure. Here are some safety guidelines that help you to have things right with you all the time.


  • Select the special: Everyone can’t find the appropriate size shapewear for pregnancy days. Although these shapers are available in pregnancy editions conditions can be different. In this regard, you can come up with some specially designed pregnancy innerwear. These are specialized designs of shapewear with a tube-like control for the belly. Along with making the belly covered, it lets the person have enough support at the bottom and back with an increasing belly size. It is essential to pick up an appropriate choice at the right time to make a deal out of it.
  • Avoid tightness at the crotch: It is one of the sensitive and integral parts of concern in all matters. For pregnant women, it is essential to keep the crotch light a breathable. During pregnancy, they are already dealing with so many other challenges. The shapewear should not add on another complication to the scenario for sure. Make sure to pick up a breathable, comfortable, and not too tight innerwear for the body. It should be supportive and not causing any discomfort in the meantime.


  • High compression shapewear: Some shapewear comes with a high compression material and a strict elasticity as well. It makes a stronger grip on the belly and other parts of the body. During pregnancy, your body is growing differently. You are experiencing changes and it requires your muscles and body a little open space to breathe. In this case, higher compression can be irritating and cause discomfort as well. Make sure to avoid any such level of compression or elasticity in the shaper. Instead, pick up a light and normally fitted shaper for the specific time prepared.
  • Using waist trainer: Wearing a waist trainer during pregnancy is simply a bad idea. The shape wears are designed to provide comfortable compression and space to your body. Instead, the trainer compresses the body and its organs differently. It can limit mobility, compress ribs, and even cause fractures it fasten too tight on the upper side. Using a waist trainer instead of the shaper is the worst idea ever during pregnancy. You should pick up the relevant and comfortable products that help in keeping control of the situation.

Final words

Wearing shapewear during pregnancy is normal and even appreciated. At once, it comes up with many benefits. One should go for the comfort, protection, and perfection that is possible with the shapers during this time. Pregnancy is one of the critical and crucial times for sure. It comes up with so many changes in the human body and mind as well. All you need is to keep yourself calm and managed properly.

Wearing shapewear during pregnancy is normal and even appreciated. At once, it comes up with many benefits. One should go for the comfort, protection, and perfection that is possible with the shapers during this time. Pregnancy is one of the critical and crucial times for sure. It comes up with so many changes in the human body and mind as well. All you need is to keep yourself calm and managed properly.