Can You Wear Lipstick After Lip Fillers?

Making lips better, prominent, and giving them a better look is what you have been looking for in cosmetic surgery. The lip fillers have made it easy for everyone to get the quick fixes with flat and small lips. You can make them prominent to an extent just the way you want them to be. We cannot thank much for the cosmetic surgeries available handily for everyone around us. These are helping us in achieving the best of our looks and features just the way we want them.

After getting the lip fillers, you must be feeling to try out some looks using lipstick or gloss. It is a definite urge to have a look at the beautifully pouted lips. Using lipstick right after lip fillers does not seem to be dangerous for any medical reasons. You may get some recommendations to put a simple moisturizer, Vaseline, or lip balm on your lip after the treatment for soothing. However, avoiding any makeup on the tender lips for about 24 hours can be a better trick.

Since your lips have undergone treatment. Now you need to give them some time to get back to normal. After 24 hours, when the fillers are settled lips are in their space, then you can apply lipstick or gloss easily.

Lip Filler – After Care

After getting the lip filler, you are not only concerned about applying lipstick or makeup but there are many other questions you may have in mind. Definitely, it is a surgical treatment and you have some injectable in the lips so now there has to be special care and concerns in routine for sure. In fact, things cannot be normal right after the treatment. You will observe some instant and quick changes and then you need time to get comfortable with these changes as well. Here is something you need to consider in the meantime.

  • Give lips sometimes for settlement – right after the treatment, your lips are tender and puffy for sure. One reason is the filler and the other reason is injections. It normally takes a few days and in certain cases a week to be normal and good to go. Therefore, for at least one or two days you need to give lips the settlement time.
  • Avoid rubbing, pressing or makeup – for at least 24 hours make sure you are not going to use any makeup on the lips. Do not press them too hard, rub them to clean, or even have any facial message as well. Let them be in their best-relaxed space for the time. The fillers require time to adjust and you need time for getting used to it.
  • Eat smart – do not have food options that are hard to eat and require you to chew a lot. Even for 24 hours, you should not consume much salt as it can dehydrate your body. Drink water, fruits, and light food as well. Drinking from a straw can put pressure on your lips, do not do it at all.
  • Avoid excessive exercising – it is not just about the lips and mouth activities that you need to restrict. Make sure you are not going to have an excessive amount of exercise for about 24 hours. Your body requires rest in time. No matter if you are running or having cardio, your face muscles are in tension. You need to avoid this situation for sure. So, take a bit o rest and let things settle in time.
  • Do not press the lips – it is possible that out of excitement you will try to press lips or try to feel them. Avoid too much touching or pressing as well. During the settlement time, you have to be a little patient with the lips and bear everything normally.
  • No facial massage for two weeks – remember before your filler procedure get you are facial and massages because for the coming two weeks these are prohibited. Fillers require time to be settled in the skin. During the process, you should not have any hard pressing facials or much exfoliation as well.
  • No drinks – use of alcohol after getting the fillers is prohibited. You need to wait for about 24 hours after treatment. It is essential to avoid any reactions after treatments caused by the alcohol in drinks.
  • Avoid extreme heat exposure – do not get close to extreme heat and avoid sun exposure as well. Heat and high temperature can cause inflammation and react on the skin as well. For about a week, you need to avoid direct heat and high temperatures too.

Preparing for Lip Filler Treatment

Going for the lip filler should not be a random decision. It is all about your skin health and facial features. Therefore, you need to come up with the best preparations that will secure you for sure. Here are some things that you need to do or know before getting into the treatment for the first time for sure.

1. Prepare yourself mentally

At the very first point, you need to prepare yourself mentally. No treatment or session can help you unless you are not comfortable with your own skin. Just remain yourself of one thing that is you. Taking a decision under the influence of others will drag you to live with the guilt. Just make your mind clear about having lip fillers and then stick to it even after getting them. Once you have made up your mind, it is time to proceed with the other things.

2. Track the best professional

Right after making a decision, now you need to find out someone to trust. Getting the injectable from any doctor or cosmetic surgeon is as you are depending on him or her too much. It is not something you can do yourself and the dependency calls you to fall into the hands of a professional. Make sure you are going to have extensive and in-depth research about the best professional in town. Do not hesitate to ask every single question or share your concern with the professional before going to have the session.

3. Discuss allergies

Allergies, skin reactions, medications, and medical conditions are the most important factor to discuss here. Although taking lip fillers are a lunchtime job, but it is still sensitive. You need to take proper precautions and make sure your cosmetic surgeon knows everything about your medical history. Your open discussion with the professional can help you to avoid adverse reactions or allergies from the treatment. It makes the experience smooth and threat free of course.

4. Limit the fill

In lip filler surgery, you always have a choice about how much you want it to be. It is not necessary to get the full syringe at a time. It is definitely too much for your lips to handle the first time. However, if it is your wish you can go for it. On the other hand, you always have the option to limit the fill for the first time. Let lips set with that fill. Later you can have another top up after a week or two. Getting the treatment in two sections is sometimes helpful to know the exact pout and fill your need. Fuller’s look in the first sitting will make things a little awkward and noticeable. When you go slow and initial small steps, it will be helpful in setting it up and getting used to it as well.

5. Know the possible reactions

Search and discuss the possible reactions or feel right after the treatment. Although there are no such severe reactions or damages of the treatment, you will have slight symptoms. A little swelling, bruising, sometimes an irritation, and lip tenderness are so common. You need to know these and prepare yourself accordingly to make a deal out of them.

6. Remember, it is reversible

Lip filler is a reversible procedure. You always have room to dissolve the fillers by taking appropriate medications and liquids with a prescription. In case, you do not like the changes avatar and want to get back to normal. It is quite simple and easy.

The bottom line

Getting the lip fillers should be your personal choice. It is one of the efficient decisions that you will make for the face. These simple and accessible surgeries help you enhance the facial features using fillers that are not commonly dangerous at all. However, it is essential to take a decision after reviewing every possible aspect. Make sure to consult reputed professionals. As far as using the lipstick over filler lips is concerned, then giving a little time to your lips after filling treatment is essential. It helps your lips to be in their normal once and avoiding any reaction or infection as well. Care for lips after getting treatment is essential to make a real deal out of your investment.