Can you use Eyeshadow as Contour?

Attractive eyeshadows are a must thing in your makeup collection. It seems like you are coming up with the best of shades to make your eyes look impressive. Working on your eyes is one of the difficult tasks. Mixing up many colors, giving them a good shape, and making them soft and flawless requires time.

Other than working on eyes, there is another thing that needs your attention is your face cuts and curves. Everyone wants to make the face look slimmer with sharp features and an attractive jawline. Thankfully, with the help of makeup, you can tone the face differently and get visible curves and shapes as well. Contouring is one of the amazing tricks that let you make feature lines visible, the face looks slimmer and perfect as well.

Do you need a Contouring Kit?

Going forward with contouring and practicing it at best, you need the right kind of equipment. There are specialized contouring kits available in the market carrying the best contouring shapes, brushes, and much more. Using the kit, you can quickly make fine improvements to the look.

However, do you need to have a contouring kit to practice a slim face? No, having a pallet of eyeshadow with numerous shades on it allows you to go a little creative with it. You do not need to have a contouring kit in specific when there is a need for contouring. It is all about making things practice and using all your resources for the best causes. It is possible to use your eyeshadow as contour and it can work well.

How does Contouring Work?

To contour your face, all you need is to give the curves and cuts of the face a sharp finish. Using a darker contour or cosmetic, you can draw some sides after putting the base. These are mostly around your cheekbone, blush area, nose, and chin, and sometimes on the forehead to make it look smaller.

Once you are done with the drawing, now is time to blend the lines using a blending puff or brush. It will get merge on the base and give your face a slimmer and sharp look on its own. The contour never cuts out the face or leaves anything visible on your face as well. It is just about a perfect blending of the shades on the face giving you the right kind of final look.

After the application of contour, you can easily move forward with blush and get the final touches to your look as well. The only thing you need to practice is the tone of contour that suits your face and its application.

Using Eyeshadow as Contour

When you want to go a little on budget and try something that will help you in getting better with makeup, then eyeshadows are there to help. There are numerous shades in your eyeshadow pallet that are just contrasting to your skin tone and you will love them for a reason. Remember, we always pick up a little dark tone shade in contour to have a good impact but these are not black.

You can pick up the shades of brown and dark brown; sometimes mix up skin color with black or grey to get the texture. There is an experimental space for you and it is justified to try out different combinations in that zone for sure.

Using the eyeshadow as contour requires you to be specific with your color choices and work carefully to come up with the right results. Let us start with the application:

  • Prepare your base and let it set on the face just as you do
  • Now pick up the eyeshadow pallet (without shimmer) and pick up the appropriate color for contour
  • Use a medium broad brush and draw the contour lines on your face with the help of a selected shade
  • Now blend it on your face using the brush. There is no need to use the blending puff because you are using powder base contour on the face

If your base is not allowing you to use the powder form contour then you can turn your eyeshadow into a liquid contour easily. You may need a makeup thinner, rubbing alcohol, or water for the purpose.

  • In a mixing makeup plate, add some of the eyeshadow powder, add a few drops of water/thinner or rubbing alcohol in it. Make it a quick paste that is good with consistency and not too thin for sure.
  • Now using your brush apply the contour and blend it with the blending brush or puff easily. Make sure your skin is not reactive to any of the mixing liquids at all.
  • After blending the contour, let it sit for a while, and then you are good to go for the final finishing of the makeup look.

Multiple uses of Eyeshadow

It is surprising to know that you can save a lot of money on expensive makeup products. All the products have dual uses and give you the liberty of making alterations according to requirements. The eyeshadow pallet you have one of such products that come up with numerous uses.

Using the pallet only for the eyeshadow is not necessary. You need to come up with some other ideas for making things better and improved at the same time. Along with using eyeshadow as contour, you can use it for many other purposes. Here we are sharing a few of them:

1. Using as Blush

Eyeshades are for not only the eyes but also work as a blush at the same time. You can use one shade for the eyes and cheeks at the same time. It opens up a variety of blush for you in most cases and makes the best out of it. Eventually, you do not have to look for multiple blushes or a separate pallet.

2. Mark some Fake Freckles

Making fake freckles is a style statement. Your eyeshadow can help you in making the best and safest fake freckles in no time. These are easy to apply and quick to remove. There is no need to worry about any sort of reaction to damaging the skin tissues.

3. Apply as Highlighter

Many of your vibrant and simmer eyeshadows tend to work as a highlighter in your final look. Using the highlighter brush, you can use these highly pigmented shades for the perfect highlighting of the face features and cuts. Eliminating the add on the expense of purchasing highlighters with the help of your existing pallet.

4. Applying as Shade Base

The nude shades in your eyeshadow pallets are the ones you are not going to use for the bold look for sure. These are the shades that help you in covering up the patches or apply it as a shade base as well. Eventually, these are the best option to apply when you want to settle the color shades on the eye area.

Your way to Smart Makeup Techniques

Getting high quality, safe, and genuine makeup products put a lot of pressure on your pocket. On the other hand, you cannot risk the skin with any substandard product in the market. In this situation, the smart way is to get along with the things you have and can manage as well. To keep the makeup in your budget, the best thing is to have smart buying techniques.

You have products in the market that lets you make a fair deal on buying one against multiple. A genuine and multi-color pallet with numerous quality shades can be your best option for saving money. It helps you to cover up the products like blush, eyeshadow, contour, highlighter, covering pigment, and much more.

Using one product for multiple reasons is not something odd or bad at present. It is about managing your makeup with the best techniques and avoiding excessive spending. Many of the influencers and artists are using these smart ways to keep the makeup quick and reachable for everyone. It is your new way to do the makeup with variation and coming up with the best looks in minimum options at times.

Final Thoughts

Makeup is variant and vast for everyone. One thing can cover the other easily so you do not need to have the filled vanity shelves at all. Too many products on your vanity can because you trouble sometimes. It makes a person confused about what to choose and what not. Moreover, during an emergency, you need to know the tricks of crisis management.

Using your eyeshadows for multiple purposes at a time helps you to do a quick job with makeup. It saves you time in finding different products from the vanity and apply them one by one. All you need is a brush set and basic pallets of your choice to achieve a breathtaking makeup look. Smart use of products enables you to have the ultimate outcomes.