Can you use Eyeshadow as a Blush?

Yes, you can surely use the eye products on your cheeks as a blush. Various reasons and benefits exist in replacing the two products. In ancient times, women sometimes used to apply a single product for multiple purposes. For instance, they use to have one lipstick and apply it as a lip color, blush, and eyeshadow as well at the same time. The reason was the availability of less variety of makeup. In this modern era, many women often like to get ready for an event by using the minimum makeup products. However, it requires skillful makeup tips to beautify a personality with fewer products.

Why use Eyeshadow instead of Blush?

Makeup artists love to do experiments with cosmetics. There exist many underlying motives behind:

  • The texture of the eyeshadow is more favorable to apply over the cheeks.
  • It saves time for the makeup wearer.
  • Eyeshadow can give a bolder look to your cheeks.
  • It promotes the flexible usage of the eyeshadow for multiple purposes.

What kind of Shadows are best for Cheeks?

The formulation of the eyeshadow is nearly the same as the blush. The only difference is that blush pallets are usually more powdery while the eyeshade pallets are more oily and binding. Blush powders are more vulnerable to slip from the cheeks soon after applying while the eyeshades due to their oily and sticking nature adhere to the skin for a longer time comparatively.

Have a look at the three basic types of eyeshadows and their usage over the eyes and cheeks as well:

1. Powdery

Beginners most commonly use powder eyeshades, as they are easy to apply. Another reason is that powder shades are easier to blend. In the summer season, the powder shades are used most commonly, as the product is also available in waterproof quality. The use of powder eyeshades as a blush is the more convenient one. Powder shades can be blended over the cheeks evenly with fingers or strokes of the brush.

2. Creamy

The creamy eyeshadows require more skills to apply and blend. Creamy eyeshades are familiar for creating shimmery looks. They are available in a wide range of colors like bold, sharp, and metallic colors. The cold weather is the ideal one to use them.

Whether you want to have smokey eyes, shimmery eyes, deep blue eyes, or interested in wearing a royal look; the creamy eyeshadows will prove themselves the best one. The usage of creamy eyeshadow as a blush needs better blending skills. You need to take very little quantity of the shade to avoid wrong strokes of the brush or finger while applying over the cheek.

However, creamy eyeshades can enhance the cheek beauty elegantly. If you use shimmery shades as a blush, it will compliment your whole face more probably. You need to be cautious with the quantity and proper application of the creamy shade.

3. Liquid

Liquid eyeshades are the easiest ones to apply. The packaging is similar to that of lip-gloss. Therefore, you can apply it over the eyelid just as a lip-gloss is applied over the lips. Makeup artists often use this type of shade as a base to the eye. Later on, when powder shades are used over it, they give the more vibrant and appealing looks and keeps the eyes makeup still for a longer time.

The usage of liquid eyeshadow to enhance the cheek beauty is less recommended. The reason is that it is hard to master this product as a blush.

Shimmery eyeshadows can be used as a highlighter as well but use a lighter and blending tone of the color. The color tone of eyeshadows should be selected carefully when used in place of blushes.

Why Eyeshadows Matter?

Eye makeup includes eyeshadows, liner, kajal, mascara, glitters, and much more. Among all these, if you are going to miss eyeshadow, your eye make-up will remain incomplete.

Why eyeshadows are an important part of makeup and why should a person prefer them? Here are various reasons listed:

  • You can experiment with different looks by trying different eyeshades. Like a Smokey and bold look requires black, gray, and metallic shades. Similarly, pinkish and light color shades help the wearer to adopt a younger look.
  • You can change your personality by just wearing different eyeshadows.
  • The usage of the eyeshadows is the complimentary part of the makeup.
  • Beautiful eyes with attractive eye makeup help to boost the confidence of the wearer.

The drama and film industry change the getup of the actors by using shades of different colors. For instance, brown shades around the upper and lower eyelids help to create a dull and sad look.


Eyeshadow ingredients can better decide either you can apply it as a blush as well or not. The ingredients include base fillers, binders, and preservatives. Various types of base fillers are used while formulating an eyeshadow. Mica or talc is the commonly used one while many cosmetic companies also used Karoline clay in the manufacturing of the product.

Binders are the second most necessary ingredient required in the manufacturing of eyeshades. They keep the shades stuck on the eyelids. It enables the application of the eyeshades to last lasting over the eyes. The derivatives of the metals like zinc, magnesium, and mercury are the best binders that are safe and effective. Additionally, many cosmetic manufacturers also use materials like silica, dimethazone, boron nitride, etc. The purpose of these binders is to avoid the slipping of the eye powder from the eye surface.

Along with fillers and binders, there are certain preservatives in the formula of the eyeshades to avoid bacterial growth in the product. Glycol or tocopherol is common preservatives in the eyeshades. Moreover, the manufacturer adds some specific oils in the eyeshadows to increase the stickiness and keep them smooth.

How to Apply?

The application is very easy. Clean your eyes, apply the base or primer over and around the eye area and apply the eyeshades of your choice by tapping with the finger or using the brush. Never rub the brush over the eyelid, tap it slowly. However, be careful while using more than one shade. You should blend well the two or more shades if used.

Final Thoughts

You can surely create appealing looks by using fewer makeup products. The use of eyeshades as a blush gives flexibility to your makeup tendency and style. However, this replacement requires artistic skills. Eyeshades are comparatively more pigmented and getting more quantity of the shade can fall you in trouble.

Whatever you are wearing over your face you need to be confident and bold. Proper application of any product can make your personality attractive and sophisticated in the community.