Can you use Eyeliner as Lipstick?

Using one cosmetic product for multiple purposes is the latest trend. It comes up with so many possibilities and benefits at the same time. You do not have to invest in so many products of the same color and texture. One eyeshadow pallet works for you as a blush, contour, highlighter, and eyeshade at the same time. Similarly, you can use the eyeliner pencil or even liquid as lipstick at times of need. It seems astonishing but this one product can work for both purposes.

When you are in need of specific lip color but it is not there, then your eyeliner pencil or liquid can help you to have a way out. It is safe and trusted to use these products alternatively for different purposes. All you need is to come up with the right tone of lip color using the eyeliner.

How to use Eyeliner as Lipstick?

Using eyeliner as lipstick may not be too difficult for the people in practice. If you are doing it for the first time, then you definitely need some help. Here are some points that you can consider to make the best use of eyeliner for the lip color at the same time. All you need is to focus on all small and logical details for sure.

1. Moisturize your Lips

The eyeliner is probably a little drier in texture. Most of the eyeliners are matte and have their dry formation. Even if you love the matte lip color, you need to give enough moisture to lips so they do not look chapped and rough. Make sure to apply a good moisturizer to your lips. It will make them soft and plush for sure. Applying anything will be easy now on your lips.

2. Draw an Outline

Once you are done with moisturizing; now you need to take the liner and draw the outline. Run the pencil or the line cross your lip line and give it a nicer coverage from the outside. With the help of a liner, it is easier to create an outline. It does not smidge a lot and gives you a smooth pigment stork. Since the liner is designed to be in its one defined place. Therefore, you will end up having a perfectly drawn lip line. Focus on the edges and make them smooth as well. Sharpening the eyeliner pencil before using will help you to have a better outline.

3. Have an Inner Fill

Once the outline is done, then fill up the inner places of the lips. You can use the lighter tint on the inner side to make it a little natural. On the other hand, it is fair to fill up the inside of the lip with the inner. It gives your lips a definition and prominence of its own kind.

4. Contrast the Shades (If needed)

It is optional to use a lighter tone of eyeliner pencil for the inner filling. You can mix up two different shades of the liner to have a new shade sometimes. Even the soft eyeliner pencils are best to merge and give a nice color on lips as well. Other than mixing up two colors, you can use one color for the outline and smudge is on the inside to have a little shade texture.

5. Top with Lip Balm (For Smooth Look)

Possibly the liner pencils can be too dry and matte for your lips. In case you like to keep the lipstick smooth and moist then you have a lip balm around. After applying the lipstick, you can just rub the lip balm on it and the magic is done. The balm will make the lip color look soft, glossy, and smooth as well. In certain cases, you can apply the balm before applying the eye pencil on your lips. In this case, you will get a lighter tone of color on lips and it will be easy to remove later as well. The technique will yield you a tinted look eventually.

Is it Dangerous to use Eyeliner on Lips?

People with extreme hygiene control or consciousness about their skin and beauty have concerns in using one product alternatively. In fact, we cannot use one product for something it is not meant to help, but, on the other hand, there is a certain thing that you can control on a larger note. Defining the alternative uses of specific products according to their nature and composition can help you to deal with the matters. All you need is to have an in-detail exploration of how something works for your skin.

Even then, if you have some concerns about the reactions or issues, then you need to check out some safety tips. These are some care options to pick up. Eventually, you can avoid any unwanted reaction.

1. Sharp it Every Time

When using the eye pencil for the lips or using it back for the eyes, you need to refresh the top. With the pencil, you do have one favor and that is sharping. Everything you can rub off a little bit of tip from the pencil and have it fresh and clean. It comes with dual benefits for you. One, it will give a perfect tip for you so you will be drawing the best line with coverage. Second, it will clean up the tip and remove any of the bacteria or possible particles on it. It is the best practice that makes it safe to use.

2. Keep it Personal

Another important thing is keeping your pencils personalized. Sharing is caring but not in all cases. When it comes to makeup and the products you are using directly with the eyes and lips. Do not take any risk and let others use it. You cannot compromise on hygiene and cannot evaluate how another person is going to use it. One of the major things to consider here is keeping it safe and to yourself only.

3. Clean the Sharpener Carefully

Sharpening the pencils every time will put a load on the sharpener as well. The other duty of care is to clean up the sharpener carefully. Keeping the makeup accessories clean and managed is one of the habits you need to have. Clean it using tissue, wipe or even wash it occasionally. It keeps the blade in good condition and helps you in getting rid of the germs and bacteria at the same time. Cleaning is all in your hand to avoid anything bad with your skin and products as well.

Can Lip Pencil works as Eyeliner?

Well, when you have the opportunity to use the liner as a lip color, you can also use a lip pencil as your eyeliner. It is possible to swipe the products and their use easily. Both eyes and lips are the sensitive part of your face. These are touchy and you have to be careful with them. Therefore, the products coming for both are sensitive as well. These will not cause you any harm at all.

More specifically, when you are dealing with eye products, do not forget to have a patch test first. Although you are using the lip pencil in routine, make sure to check whether it is good for the eyes or not. All you need is to apply a simple line at the eye corner first. If there is nothing coming on board, you can go ahead with it.

Never use the gloss and liquid lip cream as a liner. These contain some agents and thinners that may affect your eyes. The lip pencils are the safest option. These work the same way your liner pencil work. Therefore, there is no issue in using these pencils for the attractive and funky liners at times.

The Bottom Line

There is no shame in using one cosmetic for multiple purposes. In fact, it seems quite a talent when you are able to use one product for a whole makeup look. It reduces your dependency on different products at a time. Eventually, you can end up with the best results, budget safety, and use of products as well. The colored liners are rare to be used options. When you are able to use them as a lip color, it seems easy to make the best use of these products and consume them in time. You do not have to throw these away after being wasted for sure. Just make sure you are going to pick up the best of these options and then make appropriate usage.