Can you Straighten your Hair after Dyeing it?

Trying out variations with hair is something that you need after some time. It is not just about changing the color or form of hair but changing your personality. Hair is the one trait that influences your overall personality to a major extent. You need to pick up the color carefully as it will turn out an experiment for you. Eventually, after getting hair color, you need to change over the daily hair care routine.

During the change of routine, several questions come up to your mind. Straightening your hair after dyeing them is one of the major concerns that you have. Technically, there is no need to worry about straightening your hair after hair color. It is safe and you can have it anytime. However, there can be some care instructions that you can find out further in reading.

Care for Straightening your Dyed Hair

After coloring, there is no difference or change in the cell structure of your hair. These are still as good as they have been. You have the liberty to use the flat iron or even curler on them. Most of the styling options are the same. The only difference is the care for color and hair at the same time. For color application, your hair has been through a lot so you need to take good care of them. Using hair color shampoo and other serums are important. Moreover, to add on the straightening of hair you need to come up with some extra and important care instructions.

1. Check Temperature

The very first thing is the temperature of your straighter or flat iron. Too much heat can damage and even burn your hair even in a normal routine. With the hair dye, you need to be more careful with the temperature of the iron. Make sure it is favorable for hair and color. In case, the iron is too hot, it can burn the hair upper layer and damage color as well. You may feel the color dullness earlier than expected. Know the temperature settings and do have a patch test before getting started with it.

2. Heat Resistant Agents

The next important thing is heat resistant agents. When you love to experiment on hair and have their straight or curls more often, there has to be a protection for them. The heat resistant serum and tonics can help your hair resist heat damage. These work as a shield for hair and do not damage their color, texture, and strength at the same time. Just make sure you are picking up the right kind of product as heat resistant serum. It will help you to get the best of straightening experience in actual.

3. Iron Quality

Other than your initial preparations and temperature, control there is another important thing that matters is the iron quality. If you are not using quality iron, you will not get the right results. Every single straightener has different temperature settings. You need to understand the temperature conditions, ceramic plates, circuits, and warranty. The better performer straightener will work better for you in the longer run. Never compromise on the quality or you will have to face issues with the hair and its health.

4. Consider Hair Health

Nothing can stop you from frequent straightening but the hair health itself. When your hair is already in bad condition and you get the hair dye, eventually it weakens them more than earlier. Eventually, after the hair dye is done, the condition is more vulnerable. Therefore, you need to work on their overall maintenance and care. In this case, frequent straightening and curls or even drying will not be a good idea. You need to consider hair health. Even in the opposite case, you need to be careful with the use of these temperature therapies on your hair.

Steps to Straight the Hair

When you are in a position to straighten hair after getting a hair dye, then there is no need to worry. You have all the freedom to style up hair just the way you like them. All you need is to come up with the best procedures that let you have the ultimate results. Here is the right way to straighten your hair after getting the hair dye. The procedure minimizes the danger and damage at the same time.

1. Wash them first

The very first thing you need to do is to wash your hair. The particles and dust in the hair can eventually damage your hair and the straighter as well. Clean and fresh hair is ideal for flat iron use. Washing will not only clean up the hair but also add some extra moisture to them. It softens the hair and eventually, you will get a nice and smooth texture after straightening. The procedure will not make the hair dry and dull. You will get better shine and moisture at the same time.

2. Use the Hairdryer

After the wash, you have all the excess water in the hair. Firstly, use a towel to dry out the excess water from hairs. Afterward, you need to give hair a little more dry time but your hairdryer can reduce the wait time as well. Straightening your wet hairs will take time and you may have to have trouble. The best way is to blow dry them. A better option is to use cold mode otherwise you can use the warm mode but keep the dryer at safe distance. Do not dry them completely but leave a little moisture in there. It will work out the things while using the flat iron.

3. Apply Serum

Now it is the time for your heat resistant and saving serums. Make sure to pick up the best one. Get a little amount of serum on your hand palm; rub it in between both of your hands. Apply the serum to your hair. Remember, these serums are not for roots. Therefore, you need to apply the serums at the ends and whole length just like a conditioner. Avoid them reaching the roots and do not apply it more than from recommended quantity.

4. Divide into Sections

Once your hair is all set to begin the action, now you need to prepare for the straightening. It is not possible to straight all your hair at once, so you need to have small portions to work on at one time. To keep things easier, you need to divide hair into sections. You should divide hair into vertical and horizontal sections as well. Split them in the left, middle, and right side at first. Then split each direction into three or more other sides, such as front, middle, and backside. These sections will help you to work on all hair easily. Remember, you need to work on the backside at first from all three sections and then middle and in the end do the front section.

5. Check Temperature

Now plug in the straighter and check its temperature. Once it shows you the warm light so you need to start the action. However, never get it to your middle hair first. Check the temperature in the first place. To check the temperature, run the iron on the ends in the first place. If the temperature is fine, it will not burn the hair. Now you can start from near roots and then move outward towards ends.

6. Run the Iron Slower

While working with your flat iron, make sure you are going to run the iron slower. The straightener requires a little time to work on your hair. Therefore, you should keep the movement slow and in one direction only. At one, you need to complete the full length. If you feel there, are waves and moisture in hair then repeat the procedure once again. Keep the press and pressure of the same force so it will work on all hair equally and there will be no waves in there.

7. Keep them Combed

You need to keep the hair managed and in a specific line while straightening them. To keep hair manageable and sorted, it is essential to keep combing them. The comb lets you keep all hair straight and under pressure. Other than a comb, these can bundle up and not fix in the iron properly. Remember, the comb will help you to sort the exact hair section and you will get the job with perfection. Keep comb in one hand, straighter in the other, and you are sorted to do hair straightening of your dyed hair.


Getting a hair dye is something refreshing you. It not only gives your personality a new look but refreshes yourself at the same time. Eventually, you can enjoy the best version of yourself. Coloring your hair comes up with numerous opportunities and benefits. On the other hand, it adds to a caring responsibility on you. Styling is limitless but you have to keep things moderate and balanced. Make sure you are treating well by focusing on their maintenance and enjoy the best version of your hair all the time.