Can You Put Mascara On The Lash Lift?

Lashes are one of the sensitive and appealing features of the human face. These are an attraction, beauty, and amazing appeal for sure. One can feel pride in having the best lashes in town. It is not only a realization but also a trait to remember for sure. Not everyone is blessed with the beautiful gift of lashes. Many people have to go through several tricks and treatments to get better volume and lift lashes.

Artificial lashes comes with glue disasters and not everyone can bear it. Another solution is the eyelashes extensions. Along with the price, it is another hectic treatment. Most of the time a person will think of losing the lashes while washing face or sleeping. A lash lift is one of the secure and appealing concepts when you want to have volume in the lashes. There is no need to be worried about the glue or fake extensions.

The lift will help you to make your existing flat lashes look different and in volume as well. It is harmless and one of the finest options that you can access in time. Just make sure you are going to have the treatment from a certified clinic.

How To Lash Lift Work

A lash lift is like a keratin treatment on your eyelashes. By placing a mold on the upper lid of the eye, the professional apply the keratin on lashes and stick them to the mold. It gives a lift and makes the lashes stick to the mold for about 30 minutes. During the time, lashes got their perfect curve and lift in their original format. Eventually, it turns out perfect and luxury style lashes that are in good volume with all-natural formation.

Keratin is one of the essential compositions for the hair and it gives nourishment and life to them as well. Lashes lift is just like a rebounding treatment for hair. Using keratin, you can shape hair in a specific form and that is what professionals do. In the rebounding, they make hair straight and sorted, while in the lash lift they give lashes a perfect curve.

Using Mascara After A Lash Lift

There is no doubt that lash lift is one of the amazing treatments for eyelashes and making them look good. People use to have the treatment and then carry numerous questions about them at the same time. Many of them ask about using mascara after having a lash lift.

Mascara is known as the best makeup tool to make the lashes look breathless, heavy, and prominent. The advanced mascaras can do real magic with the eyes and make them even better of all times. It is all about going up for the next level game. Eye makeup seems incomplete without good mascara.

After having the lash lift, you are free to use the eye mascara on the lashes. It does not harm them at all; give them a good bounce. You can add some extra impact on the lashes with the help of a highlighting agent. It is just as normal as doing the regular makeup.

Precautions Of Using Mascara After A Lash Lift

Using the mascara after the lash lift is not a problem at all. It is something that will make you more happy and satisfied with the results. You can bulge up your investment and flaunt it with a style. However, it comes with some precautions and restrictions. When you are making a stylish move then you need to make changes to your style products as well. Here are some things you need to reconsider while using the lash lift mascara.

1. Do Not Use Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara is one of the blessings for women; it keeps the mascara on even if there is rain or any such condition. However, on the other hand, it does have some drastic reactions. The mascara has the properties to keep the area water-free and dry. Even it is too dry to manage the moisture and keeping lashes in good shape. A situation makes it hard to remove and cause the lash to fall most of the time.

Due to lack of water or moisture due to the mascara, the lashes can fall frequently. Moreover, to remove it, you have to deal with the lashes harshly that can affect the lift as well.

2. Avoid Oil-Based Mascara Remover

The oil-based remover can bring moisture to the lashes. At once it removes mascara, on the other hand, it loosens up the lashes to their original form. Eventually, you can experience the death of lash lift within no time. Normally a lift can last for about 4 to 6 weeks. However, with the use of such products, it can reduce to two or even one week as well.

3. Do Not Prolong The Use Of Mascara

Use of mascara is fine after having the lash lift, but prolonged use of mascara can damage your lashes. Instead of using waterproof mascara, you can go for the water-resistant option that will help you to come up with better results. However, keep the application time-limited and remove it after a certain time to avoid any further complications.

4. Avoid Damping Lashes

Do not damp the lashes too much. More you will press them down more these will get lower in actual. Make sure to let them be in a big curly shape. You can even shape them after every wash and let them get dry on their own in that specific shape as well. Using the lash curler can help you to let them be in good shape for a long time.

Tips To Prolong The Life Of The Lash Lift

Many people feel is heartbroken when their lash lift cannot make to for more than 4 weeks. In certain cases, it is possible to prolong the lifting life for more than six weeks as well. It turns out you can make the best out of your investment in time. All you need is to look out for reasonable and possible adjustments for the time. Here are some tips that can help you with the overall lash managing and make the most out of them.

1. Give It A Good Rest

After every lash lift application you need to give the lases a rest of almost 12 hours. Do not do anything to them and in fact, keep them intact as well. The initial 30 minutes are a part of the procedure. Right after the procedure, you need to just let the lashes in their own space for about 12 hours. Do not wash face, apply makes up and do anything with them. Rubbing and pressing the lashes is one of the most prohibited activities. You need to control your reflexes. It is better not to go out and rest for a while so you will be taking good care of these beautiful lashes.

2. Consider The Waiting Time

After the resting time, there is a waiting time. After 12 hours, the lashes will be good to go for a wash and a walk as well. However, these are not ready for makeup. You should not apply any sort of makeup specifically mascara or any other thing on them for more than 12 hours. The waiting time is a total of 24 hours from the time of treatment. It is essential for the lash lift lifetime. You can make a good deal out of this waiting time for sure. Just be patient for another 12 hours and you will be saving more time and money for the coming days.

3. Use Of Friendly Cosmetics

Another important consideration is the use of friendly cosmetics. The lash lift is similar to the rebounding and other keratin treatments. You need to use the treatment of friendly products for the eye and hair. Again, do not use waterproof mascara or oil-based mascara remover. Instead, use the water-resistant mascara and keep the lashes in their best form for as long as you can do.

4. Does Washing Face Reduce Lash Lift Life?

Many women feel that washing face can reduce lash lift life. It is a myth. Washing your face has nothing to do with the life of the lift. All you need is to care about it in the first 12 hours after treatment. Afterward, it is as normal as you think. Just make sure for extra care to keep the lashes curled up after every face wash. It keeps them in good posture and makes you look better.


A lash lift is one of the safe treatments that you can use for beautiful lashes. The use of mascara is an ideal approach to make the lashes good and appealing. There is nothing wrong with using mascara on a lash lift, but there are always precautions. After considering some of the important suggestions, you are free to go with the treatment. It turns out as best for your overall presentation and lashes lift treatment.