Can You Dye Your Hair After A Hair Transplant?

Hair loss is one of the nightmares that everyone has in life. No one wants to lose hair at any cost. Saving them from damage and loss is as essential as their growth and care. There can be certain conditions and situations when it is not possible to have the hair grow back. People have a barren and dead scalp that does not comes up with good hair growth.

When there is a little and slow hair growth, it is essential to come up with some efficient options for hair repair and regain. A hair transplant is the best option when you are able to get the hair back on the scalp. There are certain conditions that qualify you for the hair transplant but it turns out the best resolve most of the time.

You do not have to get hair extensions or wigs at all. Instead, it turns out as a sorted option for you to enjoy cool hair styling without any hassle. All you need is to access the best aesthetic treatment provider in the industry. Once you have a safe and successful transplant, everything is sorted. Along with hair loss, there is another thing that comes up as a major challenge and that is grey hair.

What to do?

After a hair transplant, many people have questions and concerns related to hair color and dye. Coloring hair is common among men and women in routine. Without noticing the volume of hair, people like to color them and cover the grey options from them. After getting a hair transplant, people become confused about whether it is safe to have a color or not.

Steps to Hair Dye after a Transplant

After getting a hair transplant, dyeing your hair for the first time can be a tricky job. At this time, you may think of multiple things. One of the major concerns one can have is the reaction or side effects of color on the scalp and hair. You may feel the hair structure is different and things can go wrong if you did not do it properly. Here is some save step you need to follow to have the perfect hair dye after transplant.

1. Pass the Resting Time

The very first thing is to pass the resting time. Let your scalp get back in shape. It needs to get used to the new alteration and everything that I have gone through. You can get the exact idea of your resting time from your consultant. Based on your scalp health and condition, the person will guide you in the perfect direction.

2. Get your recommended Hair Dye

When it comes to hair dye, you should not rely on any new brand. The best option is to be stick with the previous in-line option that suits your scalp and hair. In case, you want to experience a change then get recommendations from your cosmetic surgeon. The professional will suggest you a reliable dye option that suits your scalp and hair type.

3. Be Specific with the Formula

The mixing formula needs to be accurate and specific. It is not possible to take chance with the formula in the first place. Understand the instructions carefully and come up with the right kind of combination. If anything goes wrong in the formula, you will end up with a disaster and aftereffects.

4. Mix it well

Once the proportion is of exact quantity, the next big thing is mixing. You need to mix up the color tube with developer liquid properly. Do not leave any lumps in there. The better you will mix it more you will get the result. When the mixture is smooth and lump-free, it is easier to apply and gives the best results.

5. Apply Carefully

Once you are done with the preparations, now is the time for application. Make user have gloves on hands and apron on your shoulders. You do not want your clothes or hands to catch color. Part hair into sections and start applying it carefully. Do not leave any single corner in there.

6. Note the Timing

Once you are done with the application, you need to note the timing. For perfect results of dye, it is necessary to come up with a specific time of application. You cannot afford to rinse the dye earlier or later than the recommended time.

7. Rinse it well

Once the clock shows you it is the right time, rinse the hair with tap water. Make sure you will get rid of the whole mixture from hair and the color is visible. In case you are in need of shampoo then use a color friendly shampoo that will give your hair a better look.

8. Be Conscious for Medical Help

In case you feel anything wrong, itching, rashes, redness or swelling on scalp, then do seek the medical help immediately.

Consider Dyeing Before Transplant

Many experts suggest dyeing hair a few weeks before your hair transplant appointment. However, you just have to give it a good gap before showing up for the treatment. The dye should be a few days earlier so the dye color from the scalp will get rub off. The tint of hair dye on your scalp will make it difficult for cosmetic surgeons to place accurate cuts on the scalp.

Within a few weeks, the scalp will have a clear color. Moreover, there will be no chemicals on the scalp and hair strands at the same time. It will make it easier for the professionals to place accurate cuts and map the transplantation nicely. If you will not focus on the constraints and instructions of having dye before a hair transplant, you will end up with complications. Make sure you are going to consider this advice in the first place.

Avoid these Critical Circumstances

There is no risk involved in dyeing your hair after getting a transplant. However, in certain conditions, you may experience difficulties and reactions. All you need to ensure is the guidelines and focusing on how to make things work in your favor. Make sure you are going to follow all instructions carefully and not taking hair health for granted. The following can be the reasons you may experience inconvenience:

  • Not waiting for the resting time and letting things get normal can cause you to face issues. After the hair transplant, your scalp requires some time to get back to its normal position. The cuts and injections may cause your scalp swelling, tenderness, and rashes. In such situations, dyeing chemicals can react to your skin and cause issues.
  • Changing your dye chemical or brand can be another reason you may face issues. Remember, you need to stick with the hair dye option that suits your scalp and its nature. Eventually, it helps you to have the ultimate outcomes in any case.
  • Do not experiment with something new by dyeing your transplanted hair. A simple dye can be effective and safe for you to have. Making some alterations and trying new things will eventually get you caught up with multiple issues and problems.
  • Taking advice from immature hair consultants can end up with numerous issues and problems. Make sure to take advice from professionals with a reputed background.

Remember! Every Care is Different!

Responding to hair transplants and dye can be different with every human being. In normal cases, it takes almost four to six weeks for the scalp in getting back to its shape. It can be an ideal period for the majority of people. However, in certain cases, things can take more than expected time. Some people may experience quick recovery and some have to deal with many things. The accurate time of recovery in every case can be different. Therefore, you need to be patient and follow all the instructions by the professionals.


Hair dye after hair transplant comes up with a great opportunity for you to have a new look. It seems freedom for you to enjoy with all new hair look. Hair makes us look different and great at times for sure. Coloring your transplanted hair is not a dangerous thing at all. The only thing that matters is to do it the right way at the right time for sure. By following all directions and focusing on care and concern, you will be happy about making the right choices for hair. Remember, you do have options to change the hair color anytime. All you need to ensure is the perfect adjustment and selection of the right color type for your hair. Consult everything with your cosmetic surgeon or consultant. Consultation before getting into any experiment can help you save yourself from any major damage in the longer run.