Can Hair Dye Makes Your Hair Fall Out?

Many people have several concerns and threats attached to hair dye. Hair fall is one of the common and regular issues associated with hair dye. It is a common belief that coloring your hair can end up with dead and damaged hair in the end. Due to the fear of hair loss, either you are not dyeing the hair or you will try alternative dyeing options.

In both cases, you have to undergo several complications and issues. All you need is to come up with the best approach to coloring your hair without damaging its strength and shine. Hair is not for the experiments but to make smart moves that get you the right results in time.

What Makes Hair Fall After Dye?

The concept of losing your hair after getting the hair color is not wrong. It is one of the problems that many females have to face in their life. After getting the shade of their dream on hairs, they have to lose the shine, strength, and volume of their hair. It is because of not only the hair color and material, but there are other factors involved in it. Before jumping to any conclusion, you need to identify the reasons that can make your hair fall after getting hair color.

1. Already weak and damaged hair

One of the common and basic reasons that trigger hair damage is already weak and damaged hair. Remember, the chemicals of hair dye impact your hair but with good hair strength and shine, it cannot damage the hair too much. If the hair is not in its best texture already, it can eventually cause more damage to them.

Most of the time, hair are not in their best potential when someone gets the hair color treatment. It turns out as a major mess for the hair after some time. Initially, there is shine and difference in hair color and texture. With time, things can get worse and eventually end up with a huge loss and damage.

2. Expired hair color products

Many times people prefer to do their hair dye on their own. The easy-to-use hair color kits available out there are common these days. Using these kits, one can easily come up with the best hair color at home. It saves a lot of money and time. At once, it is fine to do the job yourself. However, on the other hand, it can come up with many risks at a time.

Being immature, a person can’t keep the track of expiration of the product. Eventually, it can end up with damage and after-effects of the product and its usage in common. You may end up with huge damage to hair and some other reactions due to these expired products.

3. Chemical reactions

Not all hair cells and scalp is chemical friendly. Every human being has a different body and can have reactions to things as well. Using any chemical on the skin or scalp requires proper testing and care as well. If you opt to use the hair color chemical without the patch, testing then you can end up with some chemical reactions. The chemical can react to the hair roots and scalp at the same time.

The ultimate way to avoid the damage is to have the patch test and know the skin. No matter if, you are dyeing the hair for the first time or using a different brand. You need to test the color on your skin or scalp once at least. Try it on a small portion and then more towards the whole scalp area.

4. Combining different treatments

At present, we do have several treatment options available that can help you have better hair. It is essential to work on hair care and get them better care. However, a trend of having multiple treatments at a time is a bad habit that people have. They prefer to have dual treatments because they want to look more beautiful in lesser time. It does nothing but damages the hair.

You need to take hair treatment because your hair is weak. There are chemicals you are using for the treatment that will affect them for sure. It is essential to give one treatment enough time before moving towards the other. Check out the results and outcomes of one experiment. Never combine any treatment with your hair color session at all. Keep them different and work on them differently as well. Eventually, you can experience the best results after some time.

5. Consulting immature stylist

When your hair is in a complicated situation, it is time to come up with a better alternative. You can face issues when you do not consult with a professional and experienced stylist. Consulting with an immature stylist will end up your hair is more damaged and fall apart most of the time. Just make sure you are going to find out an able and professionals hairstylist for the job. It helps you to save your hair from frequent damage and more issues in general. A professional will look into your hair health and then suggest the best treatments and options with your hair treatment and care.

Why Consult Professional Stylists Before Hair Dye?

If you want to avoid hair damage and hair loss after getting a dye, you need to consult a professional hairstylist. The professional will come up with a number of options and benefits for you in a bundle. He or she is the only person who can save you from greater damage and massive issues in further. Just keep in mind that you are going to look for the right and reliable person for the hair job. Here is what you will get after approaching the best stylist.

1. Evaluation of hair texture

The very fits thing that a professional do before suggesting you have hair color or treatment is checking the hair texture. The texture is a science that lets a professional know about the actual strength and capacity of hairs. Normally all the hair does not have any specific capacity to make handle the treatments and colors at the same time.

Either they are weak or reactive to color chemicals as well. In this case, the professional will not suggest you pool into the coloring business. In fact, you need to take good advice and a way out from the situation by the professional. It can help you to save the hair from more loss and damage.

2. Getting the right color consultation

Not all coloring products are favorable for all hair types. Ether is the chemical that does not suit you or the color shade. You cannot have frequent changes to your hair color shade. Therefore, it is necessary to pick up the first and best option for the first time. The processional hair consultants know the parameters to select the appropriate hair color for a specific hair type. They know the chemical composition and its reaction to the hair fiber, so they end up with the right consultation.

On the other hand, they suggest you the appropriate and matchable shade for hair. Not every color is suitable for every shade and personality. There has to be a reasonable adjustment of color with a personality to make the best out of it.

3. Having a patch test

Another important thing that comes in line is the patch test. The hairstylists and professionals do not have the lab testing facility for sure. The only thing they can do is patch testing. The first test of product they make is on their own to pass it for the usage in the facility. However, when it comes to using a product on a client, they prefer to have a patch test.

The skin reaction on the patch test helps them to get the idea about how to use and when to use the product on the client. Even if you are doing the hair color in your own facility, make sure to have a patch test. Mix a bit of product with the suggested portions; apply it on a little patch of your scalp, back of the ear, or neck. These are the safe areas to check the impact of the product in a limited time and get started with the use.

4. Minimizing the possible reactions

One of the common benefits that you can get from a professional is securing yourself from the lethal damages and reactions. The professional will take all the necessary measures that help to control everything. It leads you to the safe and ideal usage of coloring chemicals. You can have the best hair color and avoid hair damage at the same time.


Changing the hair color is not a bad idea. In fact, it keeps your look fresh and attractive. With every latest trend, you should come up with different hair colors. The only thing is to keep it safe and about any lethal reaction of any experiment. Whenever you approach for the hair color, make sure to access the professional hairstylist for the job. Only professionals get the job done perfectly and secure your hair from extreme damages.