Best Shapewear for Tummy and Back Fat of 2021

Getting smart and losing fat is the world-famous problem. Everyone is looking for options to make things work faster for them. Fasting, dieting, exercise, surgeries, and much more are the center of attention. All of these are time taking, expensive, and exhausting for sure. There is one thing that can help in getting rid of tummy and back fat quickly and that is shapewear. Although it does not have anything to do with fat burning, it helps. With the best shapewear, you can look slimmer instantly. It supports your body to be in shape while running or workout as well. Let us review some of the ultimate shapewear options that can help you lose fats.

So here is the list of top 10 selected and popular shapewear that helps in controlling and reducing tummy and back fat.

1. Squeem Waist Cincher

Squeem Waist Cincher
  • The shapewear made with cotton and flexible rubber
  • Highly adjustable in multiple sizes
  • Provide support to the back and good for the physique
  • Comfortable to wear under every outfit
  • Best for the women to use in postpartum recovery
  • It helps to reduce some inches
  • Maintain posture with smart body curves

The Squeem Waist Cincher is comfortable to wear under the clothes. It is made with flexible rubber and cotton, provides the best support, and easy to wear. With the flexibility, it is great to give the natural curves and make you feel confident to move around. It is breathable and adjustable, with multiple sizes available. The shapewear is with advanced features provide support for the back and helps in waist adjustment.

If you want the one shapewear that reduces some inches, get the Squeem Waist Cincher to wear with every outfit. You can flaunt the perfect physique and smart curves. Even it is comfortable for the women in the postpartum belly wrap. It offers posture support and improves the comfortable position setting to flaunt the perfect body shape.

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2. SPANX Waist Power Shorts

SPANX Waist Power Shorts
  • Made with comfortable and flexible design
  • Spandex, nylon, and Elastane make it suitable
  • Wear easily with the lower body coverage
  • High waist design gives support to back and belly
  • It comes in variant sizes and breathable
  • Perfect waist grip did not let the shapewear dropdown

In the shapewear selection, the most important thing is to pick up the option with good material composition. The SPANX Waist Power Shorts are made with nylon, spandex, and elastane, It is flexible and comfortable. You can wear and adjust it easily under every outfit. Moreover, it offers the best support with an impressive physique. You can keep it tight with the high waist design that did not let it drop down while moving. It targets the hips, belly, and back with perfect curves.

The high waist makes it more comfortable and offers the best lower body coverage. You can pick up the one with the perfect choice to wear and flaunt beauty on every occasion. The material is completely breathable and flexible to wear and move around throughout the day without hassle. So, get the perfect size shapewear to have the best outfit look.

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3. MOVWIN Tummy Control Body Shaper

MOVWIN Tummy Control Body Shaper
  • Shapewear made with nylon and spandex
  • Highly comfortable with easy to wear features
  • Provide the high waist support
  • Breathable and give perfect physique support

If you are interested in the delicate design shapewear, then MOVWIN Tummy Control Body Shaper is a suitable option for you. It is made with nylon and spandex that offer flexibility and comfort to wear throughout the day. You can use it under every outfit for the perfect curves and great outlook. The design supports the belly, back, and hips with perfect fitting. It will stay on and did not slip down. You will feel comfortable wearing the shapewear.

It offers support to the belly with posture correction. Moreover, the shapewear not just for the physique or shape, it provides support to lose some inches. It provides support to tone the legs and offers the perfect lift. The shapewear is a perfect choice and far better than any other shapewear. You can preferably choose the size according to your preferences. It is comfortable with size adjustment. So, invest in MOVWIN Tummy Control Body Shaper to have a supportive posture and flaunt your style in every outfit.

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4. Maidenform Flexees

Maidenform Flexees
  • Perfect shapewear with the comfortable material
  • Nylon, spandex, and Elastane offer flexibility and easy to wear
  • Provide the perfect physique adjustment with shoulder straps
  • Offer freedom to wear and move throughout a day
  • Multiple sizes availability

The Maidenform Flexees is one of comfortable, breathable, and supportive shapewear. It gives support to the belly and back with the perfect curves. The silhouette design makes it highly comfortable with flexibility. It is made with nylon and Elastane that give flexible adjustment to the body. You can wear and carry it easily with shoulder straps that help to lift the upper body.

By wearing this shapewear, it is easier to move throughout the day without hassle. It will not shrink and roll up or down under clothes. You can move freely and stay comfortable with the smooth interface. The nylon and spandex combination turn it into a breathable material. If you want to use it for long, preferably hand wash and not use hot water for washing.

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5. Everbellus Cool Comfort Shapewear

Everbellus Cool Comfort Shapewear
  • Made with lightweight and breathable material
  • Adjustable sizes availability
  • Highly comfortable and easy to wear
  • Provide physique support and flaunt style
  • Easy to wear in routine

The Everbellus Cool Comfort Shapewear is one of the perfect shapewear with easy adjustability. It is made with light and comfortable material that is easy to carry. The shapewear comes with shoulder straps that did not allow to move up under the outfit. It helps to have smart curves and a perfect physique to flaunt with every outfit. The size availability turns it a highly preferable option for women. You can wear it with a random bra, and shoulder straps help to have a firm grip.

Are you looking for the smart shapewear option? The Everbellus Cool Comfort Shapewear provides the support and physique to make yourself comfortable and feel amazing. It targets the belly, back, and hips as well. The material makes it comfortable and breathable to wear and carry throughout the day.

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6. Irisnaya Waist Trainer

Irisnaya Waist Trainer
  • Provide support and control over the flabby body fats
  • Made with comfortable and breathable material
  • It comes with shoulder straps and physique adjustability
  • Easy to wear with every outfit to flaunt style¬† ¬†
  • It contains spandex and nylon that is lighter and adjustable

If you are looking for more than just random shapewear, Irisnaya Waist Trainer fulfills all your requirement. It has a corset design that offers belly control and back support. You can have a better posture after wearing this under the outfit. It provides the slim and perfect curve physique that enhances the outfit impression. You can adjust due to the flexibility and size availability. The strong support offers weight loss and reduces inches by carrying for long.

The design is double layer and crosses back that does not allow it to drop off. Moreover, adjustable shoulder straps offer coverage. The shapewear helps a lot to hide the belly and back fats with the perfect adjustment. You can wear it daily with every outfit and make yourself comfortable.

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7. Joyshaper Store Tummy Control

Joyshaper Store Tummy Control
  • Full body fitting coverage
  • Gives a push to the breast and u shape front
  • Easy to wear with hook and eye closure
  • Breathable and soft
  • Made to give a slim and enhanced body shape

Joyshaper Store Tummy Control is a cotton-made tummy control suite that gives you the perfect grip and coverage. It is made with a combination of nylon and spandex in combination with cotton. It provides complete control over the tummy and keeps the bulges and bumps in control. It gives an instant waistline reduction along with a hip lift at the same time. The u-type front lets you have seamless control and wear the bra comfortably. It fits perfectly around the breast and keeps the fats on the chest in control. The breathable fabric on the stomach area keeps the temperature normal. Moreover, it keeps the natural curves prominent and gives a perfect fashion figure.

A complete suite gives you coverage from the chest, waist, sides, tummy, and back as well. With one-piece, you will be able to get complete coverage on the upper torso. Easy to use, washable and comfortable to wear for long hours is simply an ideal option for you.

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8. OLIKEME Waist Shaper

OLIKEME Waist Shaper
  • Made with skin-friendly breathable material
  • Perfect for mid-section well-toned body grip
  • Support the lower back and keep perfect posture
  • Comes in dual colors
  • Cashback option available

When you are looking for a perfect waistline and tummy shaper then OLIKEME Waist Shaper is the ultimate option on the list. It gives you a perfect compression on the belly and waistline to keep the bulges in control and giving a perfect shape. Along with shaping the bodyline, it gives perfect support for lower back pain. You can have the ultimate mid-section support to have the perfect posture eventually.

The strength and elasticity of the shaper make it ideal to keep your shape in control. You will have a tighter and well tones mid-section. It is an ideal shaper to try out after pregnancy. Giving you, the natural curves and make it breathable at the same time. The shaper does not let you have excessive sweating or any discomfort at all. It comes with a risk-free money-back guarantee. You can claim cashback anytime if you are not satisfied with the shaper.

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9. TAILONG Latex Rubber Waist Trainer

TAILONG Latex Rubber Waist Trainer
  • Perfect for training
  • Specified hourglass shape with spiral steel boned
  • Easy to wear with front hook and zipper opening
  • Ideal for the running, yoga, and other training outfits
  • Conventionally made training to bring the body in a perfect shape
  • Helps to lose fats fast during the workout and running

It is the next level shaper that gives you a seamless waist cinch that turns your waist and belly into an ideal hourglass shape. For a daily workout routine, it is the best option to try out. Spinal steel boned inner enables it to be specific in its shape and bring your body into a specific position. You can have the ultimate support for workout and stiff the muscles into a shape. Eventually, it helps in losing fat and sticking muscles into a shape. The hook and eye closure make the shaper easy to wear and remove.

The strict shape of the trainer makes it loveable by the cross-fit lovers more than the shaper lovers. They prefer to have a trainer as it provides them an extra boost in training. The clutch of muscles in the trainer makes it easier to have heavy training and keeping muscles in their place.

See the TAILONG Latex Rubber Waist Trainer

10. SHAPERX Long Torso

SHAPERX Long Torso
  • It is made with natural latex material
  • The shapewear is comfortable and breathable
  • With lighter to carry material and best design offer weight loss
  • Provide posture adjustment and support
  • Best to wear and carry in routine
  • Reduce the backache and offer posture support

The SHAPERX Long Torso is the most comfortable to wear shapewear. It is made with latex having the hooks closure that offers size adjustability. The material makes it comfortable and breathable to carry for the routine with every outfit. It not just offers curves and physique impression but also give support to lose fats. It provides back and belly support with posture control.

If you have a backache and support problem, SHAPERX Long Torso shapewear is the suitable option. It is lightweight and comfortable with easy to wear design. You can wear it with the outfits on any occasion. It is supportive to wear during yoga or workout in the gym to lose weight. You will experience the perfect reduction in the waist by wearing SHAPERX Long Torso in routine.

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Tips to Purchase Shapewear for Tummy and Back

How to Purchase Shapewear for Tummy and Back?

Purchasing shapewear for tummy and back should not be a random decision. It is not possible to get the best of results from a random shaper in general. You need to consider some useful tips that eventually lead you towards the best of options.

Buying the best of the shaper is an art that requires you to invest time and virtue at the same time. Since you are buying it for yourself, so you need to know the purpose first. Your comfort and clarity are very important in the first place. Make sure you are actually into buying the best kind of shaper and then follow some important tips.

Pick up the perfect size

Picking up the perfect size in shapewear is essential to have the ultimate advantages. If the shaper is not your size, it will roll up or downwards when you make a move. It not only makes you look odd but causes you immense discomfort. In the selection of perfect size, you should have an idea about your body measurements. Do match these measurements with the size chart and evaluate the right shaper for your body. Although shapers are stretchable in a small size, the shaper will not get fit into the normal size measurement. It is better to pick up the perfect size option in the first place.

Specific to the body part

To make the most out of your shapewear, you must go for dedicated shapers for body parts. There are manufacturers out there presenting your body-specific body shapers. If you want to stress on the belly fat then you can get the torso-specific shapers that stress on your belly and back at the same time. On the other hand, for the thigh, butts, and sides, some shapers work efficiently on specific body parts. These are knitted in a way to support tissues and press the fats as well. Eventually, you will get the best of results with these shapers on your way to lose fats. We focus on the areas you want to work in in the first place. It helps you to get the maximum outcomes.

Extension options

Many of the shapewear comes with multiple extension options in general. You need to understand how these extensions can help you with looking better. These options make it easier for you to work on specific portions and add on some advantages. It is easier to find the shapewear coming with slits, pee holes, and extension hooks. You will be able to use them as shapers or undergarments as well. Eventually, it will make wearing shapers easier and more beneficial.


Whatever we wear, does have an impact on our body and skin as well. The body shaper is going to be too close to your skin so the material needs to be skin-friendly. Most of the shapers are made of spandex, polyester, and elastic material. It has the best elasticity and fits the body. However, fitting is not the question here. You need to look for a material that is not reactive to your skin. There is a possibility to get the cotton mixed fiber shapers in the market. For sensitive skin, these are the right option to try. You should focus on the manufacturing material of the shaper before finalizing it.

Check breathability

Breathability is one of the integral aspects that you need to check in the shaper. Since you are going to wear it under the dress and for a long time, so it should pass the air. The breathability of shaper keeps your body temperature moderate and helps you avoid skin reactions. It makes the skin breath to be fresh and dry as well. Check out the breathability specifically to wear the shaper in summers. Excessive sweating and no air crossing will make it even worse for you.

When to wear

Before choosing the shapewear, you need to know the time duration, or occasion of wearing it. The type and make of regular wearing shapers is different from the event and specialized shapers. Normally, you can wear any kind of shaper for your regular outfit. However, for the dresses, you may need off-shoulder, backless and other kinds of shapers. These need to fit the kind of dress for the even at the same time. Eventually, you can save yourself from the embarrassment. A perfect shaper will save you from the embarrassment at parties and events.

Suitable color

It is not possible to wear one shaper for all the dresses. Every dress has its unique color and you have to be careful with it. Always get a suitable color for use. A neutral or white color shaper is ideal for all dresses. It matches your skin color and fits perfectly with the dress every time. However, the idea is no good for the black and see-through dresses. In this case, you need to have a black shaper that will give you a perfect cover for the event. Similarly, you cannot wear black shapewear for the light color outfits at all. It is all about your color management with the shapers and dresses to make it a nice cover.


Everyone has a right to look attractive and appealing. Losing fats is not just about looking beautiful but healthy at the same time. The best shapewear helps to cover the curves instantly. On the other hand, these are designed specially to lift muscles and tuck in fats while working out. Eventually, these can be the best support for everyone struggling with weight loss. You can check the best out of these and get the right results of your choice. Do not forget to consider the tips for purchasing the right product and avoid any issues later.