Best Bras for Backless Wedding Dresses 2020

I this article, I am going to show you what bra you should wear with your backless wedding dress. Every bride to be should do her homework. Researching underwear solutions should be an important part of preparing your bridal wear, as it is the foundation to support your whole look on your special day.

So here is the collection of the best bras to wear with your backless wedding dress.

1. Backless and Strapless Pushup Bra

This backless and strapless bra has helpful, clever sticky side tabs to hold it in place. Before you put your dress on, the bra seems to sit out a little unusually from your skin a little, however, once you put your gown on, the underwear adapts very smoothly and sits neatly against your body.

The proper bonus of this bra is that it gives you a great lift at the bust while at the same time feeling comfortable and secure. In fact, I was delighted with it! It can be very hard to find a bra that is both backless and strapless that can hold form and shape in a reliable way – so this is a positive discovery.

When you have larger breasts, it can be frustrating trying to find any kind of backless bra. But, you can find a strapless, backless, sticky bra for fuller boobs that will actually stay on throughout the night. Plus, it comes with optional clear straps if you want a little extra support.

2. Silicone Cleavage Enhancement Cups

If you want to avoid wearing a traditional bra but still need some coverage, these cups by Fashion Forms are a great option. Made of silicone, this adhesive bra enhances your cleavage while being backless, eliminating any bumps and lumps that could arise from an improper fit. Available in 4 sizes, you can stick these on (literally) and forget you’re wearing a bra—because you basically aren’t.

I found these adhesive lifting silicon cups very easy to use. You simply lift up your breast and stick the upper flap to your skin at the top of your breast. On application, my breasts seemed to be trying to make a break for it! This bra doesn’t have a clip to gather our breasts together, unlike the other bras I had tried. However, this would be a definite advantage if you plan on wearing a really low cut wedding dress – you wouldn’t want unsightly clips detracting from your look. For those brides who are opting for a dramatic, plunging neckline but also was some support and reliability – this product is definitely worth trying out.

I was really impressed with how the bra looked on; it didn’t leave any tracks or marks against my clothing and felt really comfortable. Also, ladies with prominent nipples might live in fear of embarrassing ‘nipple gate’ wedding photos. They needn’t worry as this bad boy will hide them!

3. A Three-In-One Bra

Support breasts with an underwire bra that can be worn with so many things. It has side boning for extra support and a removable strap for comfort if you need it. One user said that the bra did a great job keeping everything in its place while she wore it.

4. A Semi-Backless Option

Some dresses are only semi-backless, and if that’s the case, you may not want to rock a bra that is completely backless. That’s why this corset is a great option instead. It’s full coverage and has an extra-low back. It has underwire, lightly-lined cups, and light boning. It’s also completely adjustable.

5. Multi-Way Push-Up Bra

If you’re looking to add a little (or a lot) for a bustier silhouette, this is the bra for you. Aptly named, it really does add the look of two cup sizes, while pushing up what you already have for added cleavage. There’s also five ways to wear it, so it works with any neckline. (Tip: If you’re going to go the push-up route, be sure to bring the bra to your dress fittings for proper alterations!).

6. A Convertible Bra That Can Be Backless

If you’re afraid you’re only ever going to wear your new backless bra one time, you can always purchase a convertible bra instead. This one converts to a halter, criss-cross, and low back. It’s seamless and has push-up cups and adjustable straps, so it’ll be comfortable throughout the night. One user said, “I love the versatility of the straps…and how the bra doesn’t show at all where it connects in the back!”

7. Camellia, Invisibra

Camellia by Invisibra is a backless strapless, stick-on bra and my ultimate, hands-down winner! This bra really does it all, as regards lift, shape and comfort. As we all know, these aspects are what you are hoping for the most on your big day. You can’t allow for unreliable support wear. I happily give this product ten out of ten for comfort. The adhesive was subtle and didn’t irritate or feel uncomfortable on my skin, and not only did it say put (a definite must) but it was also easy to remove. It didn’t involve any painful pulling at our skin or leave any sore, sticky marks – not what you really want to be dealing with on your wedding night.

8. A Backless Bra That Actually Has Straps

This super lightweight bra is perfect for your favorite backless wedding dress. The best part about it though is that there are actually straps on this bra. They do come up pretty high under your arms, but the bra won’t keep falling down throughout the night as some backless options do. It comes in nude and black, depending on what you need.

9. How to Choose a Bra for Backless Wedding Dress?

The wrong wedding bra can totally ruin the look of your gorgeous wedding gown. Shopping for bras and undergarments might not be as exciting as finding your dream dress, but don’t overlook the importance of these foundation pieces. (They’re called that for a reason!) Stakes are high when it comes to bridal fashion; the last thing you want is any visible straps, lumps, or lines.

10. When to Shop

Use your first dress fitting as a chance to learn what kind of bra works best. Then, call the lingerie store and make an appointment. Most stores will be happy to set aside time to devote to you and can be better prepared (and stocked) if they know in advance that you’re coming. Also, don’t forget to take a few images of your dress to show your fitter. It’s not necessary to bring your actual dress in person.

11. How to Shop

First, check whether you actually need a bra. Gowns that are particularly structured up top may give enough support and shaping that you can skip one altogether.

For all other dress types, work with your fitter to figure out what the bra needs to achieve and which bra works best. Options are really endless these days. You can easily find a bra that works for any silhouette, from halter to one shoulder to racerback.

If you’re just looking for a little extra coverage, a bra might not be the best option, especially if your dress fabric is on the thinner side. Consider a stick-on piece, like Bring It Up Spacers. This is the best way to create a seamless, invisible look.

12. Measure before you go

Your bra size can change from year to year, so make sure you’re up to date. Changes in weight can affect the size. Use a flexible cloth measuring tape to measure two areas: directly below your breasts around your rib cage, and around the fullest part of your breasts. The first number determines your band size, the second your cup size—each inch above your band size equals one cup size. So if your band measurement is 32 inches and your cup 35 inches, you’d be a 32C. You can also ask a salesperson at a lingerie or department store to do it for you. But it’s a good idea to have some baseline numbers before you go.

13. Wear a T-shirt when you Shop

This way you’ll be able to see what the bra looks like even under the thinnest clothing.

14. Try it on the right way

Lean about halfway forward, swoop and scoop your breast tissue into the cups, then fasten the back. Stand up and adjust the straps to ensure that all of your breast tissue is where it should be.

15. Watch for key fit concerns

On the no-no list: Boob spillage over the top of the cups (too small). Gaping in the cups (too big). Straps digging into your shoulders or sliding down. Any kind of pinching in the backband, or rolls of skin that bulge beyond the edge. You should be able to comfortably fasten a bra on the second or third hook—if only the last hook will do, it’s too small. The bridge of the bra (centered between the cups) and the underwire around the sides should sit completely flush with the skin.

16. Buy enough to last

Depending on how often it’s washed and worn, the average bra can last from 6 months to a year without getting stretched out. Investing in two or three styles at once means you’ll have plenty of choices in the months ahead.